The Optimum GIS reduces the costs of transportation of AB InBev brewing products


SUN InBev, the Russian subdivision of the international brewing company AB InBev, has implemented a transportation management system of the TMS (Transportation Management System) class, developed by the CDC Group on its own Optimum GIS solution.

SUN InBev sells international and national beers in Russia - Stella Artois, Corona Extra, BUD, Hoegaarden, Klinskoe, Sibirskaya Korona and many others. The implementation of the system allowed the company to reduce the costs of transporting products through effective control of safety during the voyage, as well as automation of the planning of delivery routes and satellite monitoring of vehicles.

The innovative developments of CDC Group, which have expanded the capabilities of the Optimum GIS solutions - "Delivery", "Monitoring", and "Forwarder", contribute to an increase in driving safety. The system monitors the quality of driving, the position of the seat belt, the driver's behavior in the cab, the speed limit and other parameters. As a result of the project implementation, the route formation time has been reduced almost five times, the movement of 98% of cars across the territory of Russia is controlled.

Optimum GIS solutions allowed SUN InBev to reduce costs at the stage of planning routes and preparing for a flight, to strengthen discipline among drivers, reduce the risk of accidents, increase efficiency at the stage of monitoring route execution, and also minimize reputational risks associated with loss. damage to cargo and delivery delays.

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