Optimum Platform

Rapid development, operation and development of high-performance systems of the 4G and 5G level such as "Digital Enterprise", "Smart City" "Smart Territory" using:

  • large number of sensors and devices of the Internet of Things (IoT, IIoT),
  • mobile devices for industrial (corporate) and personal use,
  • superfast interaction with big data in real time (online),
  • technical support and decision-making technologies, management of complex scenarios and services of the "neural network" type (artificial intelligence, machine learning), technologies of "distributed ledgers" (blockchain, blockchain),
  • processing large streams of data visualization and augmented reality materials.

The Optimum Platform is included in the Unified Register of Russian Programs for electronic computers and databases of the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation.

According to research and comparisons with world leaders, conducted by the Center for Corporate Mobility Research of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, the Optimum Platform won with an undoubted advantage, gaining on average 2 times more points on 44 key technological criteria for assessing the most modern digital platforms (Research of trends in the Russian corporate market mobility of the Financial University).


The OPTIMUM platform allowed us to release a solution that turned out to be an order of magnitude faster than what we did on the previous mobile platform.

Oleg Kharin, NIIAS Head


  • Development of complex systems for the Android, iOS, Windows, "Aurora" (Sailfish Mobile OS Rus), Linux.
  • Integration with various sources and recipients of data (State IS, CRM / ERP, EAM / OSS / BSS, etc.
  • High performance solutions for large data transfer volumes.
  • Ease of scaling solutions.
  • High level of security solutions.
  • Reduced development labour.
  • Significant reduction of the load on IT systems when working with solutions developed on the platform.

Key benefits

A unified standard and regulations for the development of mobile, IoT / IIoT projects and solutions, and all widely used types of software and hardware-software automation technologies.
Unified standard and regulations for the operation of mobile projects and solutions.
A single unified exchange with corporate information systems, Big Data and any external data storages for all projects.
Friendly technology of interaction with any security standards.
High speed of interaction with new services.
Greater "independence" from corporate information systems and Big Data - the ability to separate mobile and IoT projects and implement in very large areas (changing the source-recipient of data).

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