About Company

The CDC Group (Corporate Development Center) was founded in 2002 by a team of like-minded people who have been automating sales force since 1995. Now the CDC is a major Russian developer and integrator of complex software solutions. CDC solutions are used in FMCG and retail, transport and logistics, industry, energetics, IT, and others.

The CDC software is designed for automation of equipment maintenance and repair (MRO), industrial equipment monitoring, route planning and satellite monitoring of transport and personnel, sales force, control of distributors, image recognition with AI, distance learning, etc.


All CDC solutions are created on the Optimum digital technological platform (Mobile Enterprise Application Platform, MEAP).

CDC Group has developed the widest range of high-performance mobile solutions in Russia. 29 software products designed on the Optimum Platform are included in Unified register of Russian software Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation. For 25 years of the company's activities, products on the Optimum Platform have been introduced in 5 500+ companies on the territory of the CIS and abroad.

CDC Group has created the world's best technological mobile platform - the basis for "digital transformation", applicable to all industries and types of organizations.

CDC Group key software

Optimum Platform

Rapid development and high-performance operations of applications, solutions, services using mobile devices, Internet of Things (IIoT), and Artificial Intelligence on the Optimum digital technological platform. Customers are developers of mobile solutions, application software, integrators, companies with a developed IT infrastructure, etc.

Optimum SmartTrading

Sales force automation (SFA) — pre selling, merchandising with artificial intelligence, van selling, etc. Customers are manufacturers and distributors of consumer goods (FMCG).

Optimum SmartGIS

Automation of transport logistics (planning optimal delivery routes, satellite monitoring of transport and personnel). Customers - transport companies, courier services, online stores, retail chains, etc.

Optimum Mobile Workers Management System (Optimum MWMS)

Automation of maintenance and repair operations (MRO). Customers — the fuel and energy complex, mining and processing industry, service and repair organizations, utilities, etc.

SmartLook Engine

Solutions based on the SmartLook Engine platform are designed for recognizing goods on store shelves (SmartLook Retail), monitoring the quality of assembly of products on the conveyor, preliminary diagnostics of diseases, identifying faces and for other purposes. Customers — manufacturers and distributors of consumer goods (FMCG), retail chains, industrial enterprises, medical institutions, etc.

Intelligent Equipment Monitoring System Optimum AI

Industrial equipment monitoring. Customers — industrial enterprises, fuel and energy complex, etc.

Optimum Peresvet

Search service, storage, systematization and analysis of information (TV, radio, Internet, print media). Customers — organizations that need to form an up-to-date information picture of their activities "with an analysis of competitors' actions.

Our mission

Our mission is to create innovative software systems and the best digital platforms for process automation using the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and mobile devices. Our solutions are designed to dramatically improve productivity and quality while reducing costs for our corporate customers and personal users.

At the same time, we strive to constantly improve our own efficiency, thereby improving the quality of life and work progress of our clients, employees, founders, business partners.

We are constantly making measurable, valuable contributions to the development of the mobile solutions market, improving our products and services, creating new opportunities to increase the profitability of our existing and potential customers.

Today we visualize and design the future so that all users of our products and solutions feel the high value, comfort, convenience, novelty and desire to constantly use our products and services.

CDC Group main activities of

  • B2B software development on Android, Aurora, iOS, Linux, Windows;
  • development, implementation, maintenance of 1C management systems;
  • implementation and integration of IT solutions in the field of corporate mobility, industrial Internet of things (IIoT), artificial intelligence;
  • development, implementation, maintenance of geographic information systems (GIS);
  • hosting services;
  • providing a map service based on maps from the OpenStreetMap project;
  • provision of functional and application support services.

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