Optimum SmartLook Engine

Instant object recognition on mobile devices in any important systematized processes that require:

Visual control

Comparison with a reference

Deviation analysis


Instant recommendations
what to do for correction

Instant verification of corrections
was → done → became


Instant recognition of any systematized deviations from the established standards

Recognition of goods, price tags, and POSM on store shelves

Determination of defective tools, equipment, and facilities

Product quality control

Detection of personal protective equipment


Taking readings and monitoring of any metering devices

Determining the personnel location in dangerous areas

Face recognition, access control


Any processes that require visual inspection, comparison with a reference, deviations analysis, instant recommendations, and verification of corrections. Without restrictions of the industry and fields of application!

Competitive Advantages

The Optimum SmartLook Engine platform - Autonomous Mobile Machine Vision uses an Artificial Intelligence technologies and original algorithms to analyze photo and video images. Access to Internet is not required during recognition.

  • The recognition engine and necessary libraries can be integrated into nearly any mobile app running on Android, iOS, Linux.
  • All recognition processes take place on a mobile device in less than 3 seconds, with an accuracy rating of 98%.
  • The solution is ready to scale without any additional costs.
  • Our unique algorithms save time and money on further training of the neural network.
  • Auto-ML and model quantization technologies significantly reduce the size of the model.
  • The preprocessing algorithms are developed using the OpenMP standard.
  • SmartLook works effectively on low-cost low-power mobile devices.
  • End-to-end technology. The use of instant visual analysis in almost any process.
  • Developed in C++, SmartLook uses memory efficiently and quickly, working many times faster than any solutions that use servers.


This tool has a number of unquestionable advantages. For example, the time spent by agents at the outlet reduced by 25%, and the number of visits increased. Our company has obtained a very efficient tool for collecting key data from the market.

Mikhail Zdrok, Director for integration and transformation, MARS Kazakhstan

Key benefits

No internet connection is required for image recognition and analysis.
Low hardware load. Recognition is performed on mobile devices.
Low traffic consumption. Only model updates, system settings, transaction statistics.
Processing time 1-10 sec. Depends on the power of the mobile device.
Fast learning time. Automatic data collection for additional training and maintaining the accuracy of the system.
Offline mode. The mobile application remains fully functional.
Small size of models. Several megabytes.
Correction of data in place. The user can fix recognition errors right away.

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