Optimum DataBro

The Optimum DataBro integration service is a software package designed to organize data exchange between various information systems. Optimum DataBro can be used in projects to integrate with Oracle, Microsoft SQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Excel, REST, and SOAP-based web services. If necessary, fast and secure integrations can be made with other IT systems and services.

Implementing an exchange program using Optimum DataBro, compared to developing a stand-alone program to perform the same tasks, has a number of advantages.

Key benefits

A debugged and fault-tolerant Linux daemons (or Windows services), Windows service that makes the integration work.
Built-in scheduling management system.
Built-in REST service.
Authentication system when using a REST service.
Flexible mechanism for supporting parameters of exchange programs.
Administrative notification system.
Logging system.
Change of programs of exchange and rapid development that does not require recompilation of the application.
The ability to reuse plugins and / or exchange programs.
Support for versioning of exchange programs.

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