IT Outstaffing

CDC Group provides artificial intelligence systems developers with highly qualified personnel for architecture design and development of server and mobile machine learning systems.


A separate company in the structure of CDC Group: 10+ leading experts in the field of machine learning and C ++ with work experience from 3 to 12 years, authors of scientific articles, teachers, experienced annotators.

An experience

ML Projects

  • Real-time recognition of goods and price tags in the Retail / FMCG sector.
  • Predicting the likelihood of having COVID-19 based on the main symptoms.
  • Predicting the rating of the future movie.
  • Increase the sharpness of the photo.
  • Diagnosis of X-ray mammological images.
  • Monitoring of activities on the construction site: machinery, machines, people, timber, location of objects, length, width.
  • Generation of facial images with new attributes and new poses while maintaining individuality.
  • Synthesis of emotional speech based on generative adversarial network (GAN).
  • Research and development work (R&D) for the recognition of road signs and traffic lights.
  • Time series analysis to predict call center load.
  • Recognition on a small device of cars, traffic rules, objects on the road.
  • Generation of synthetic data and training on them (Unreal Engine C ++), tuning models, optimization of models for working in real time.
  • Data analysis for humanitarian scientific works, sociological statistical models, sentiment analysis.
  • Identification of defects in soldering.

Related tasks / projects:

  • Development of B2B / B2C mobile applications on iOS, Android, Windows (UWP) platforms in the areas of trade, logistics, MRO, monitoring, document flow, etc.
  • Development of software for automated storage complexes, industrial complexes: packaging machines, dosing devices, conveyors, etc.
  • Software development for STM32 microcontrollers and PC Raspberry PI 3B +.
  • Development of a software package for processing flight information.
  • Development of VLSI.

Key Benefits

КML / DL Computer Vision: detection and segmentation of objects, classification of images, analysis of time series.
Natural Language Processing: text analysis, text generation, Speech to Text, Text to Speech.
Plain Data Analysis: solving problems of classification, regression approaches ML / DL, statistics on flat, tabular data.

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