Artificial Intelligence Image Recognition

The hardware and software solution is designed for instant recognition and analysis of photo and video images - goods and price tags in stores, assembly of products on a conveyor belt, signs of diseases in people, for other purposes.

On mobile devices, Optimum solutions provide recognition and generation of recommendations even without an Internet connection — after machine learning of models, all operations are performed in the Optimum SmartLook Engine mobile neural network.

Key Benefits

Recognition and analysis in a mobile neural network.
Works offline, no expensive servers, no Internet, no expensive training.
Recognition speed 1,5-10 s.
Recognition accuracy 98 +%.
SmartLook proprietary recognition engine (ML / DL).
A mobile neural network can be embedded in your application.

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Optimum SmartLook Engine
This tool has a number of unquestionable advantages. For example, the time spent by agents at the outlet reduced by 25%, and the number of visits increased. Our company has obtained a very efficient tool for collecting key data from the market.
Mikhail Zdrok, Director for integration and transformation, MARS Kazakhstan
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