History (1995-2018) CDC Group History. We do business mobile

IIn 1995, a team of developers of software/hardware for direct-sales automation established Corporate Development Center, the company that was transformed in 2002 into the CDC group of companies. Today, the CDC Group is a developer and integrator of comprehensive software solutions that foster development of Russias digital economy.

In 2018, CDC turned 23. During those years, the company achieved a lot having transformed a small team of enthusiasts into a group of companies that employs over 450. Since 1995 a huge number of projects on automation of business processes have been implemented for the companies in different business areas the major part of which are renowned leaders in their areas. We are proud that we help companies to develop through optimizing operations of their personnel, speeding up activities, and slashing total costs. We are happy with the successes of our partners and would like you be happy with us. We gladly take part in different events, watch development of the automation of business in Russia and participate directly in this process. The experience collected by us during the years that passed is of great value for us and we always welcome both the clients who are our long-time partners and those who have established contacts with the CDC Group only recently.


The SANG holding company is one of the first businesses in Russia to use the BESTSHOP OPTIMUM solution.

OPTIMUM SmartLook, a new mobile solution intended for analyzing merchandising indicators using AI, is developed.

To facilitate development of Russian software products, the CDC Group and the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation on January 22, 2018 jointly established the Institute for Development of Digital Economy (DEDI).


The OPTIMUM platform for Sailfish Mobile OS Rus is included in the Unified Registry of Russian Programs for Computers and Databases (Registry No. 4100).

The CDC Group is ranked first in the rating of major developers of mobile applications for business and government agencies by the CNews portal.

Norilsk Nickel launches the mobile version of the automated enterprise document management system developed, on the basis of the OPTIMUM platform, by the CDC Groups partner, the BAKKA Group.

SFA solutions are presented at the LOreal conference.

Release of a new software product OPTIMUM Mobile Cash Register for convenient work with mobile online cash registers in accordance with the requirements provided by the law 54-FZ.


OPTIMUM Sales Force Automation System entered the PC Magazine/RE list of the best Russian software.

The CDC Group became Samsung Plarinum usiness Partner.

CDC Group was nominated in the National Import Substitution Award "Priority". OPTIMUM platform was recognized as a national product in the nomination Priority IT.

Software solutions on the platform OPTIMUM included in the Unified register of Russian programs for computers and databases (Register of national software). The following products of CDC Group were resognised by the Expert Council under the Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications of Russia as complying with the rules of formation and maintenance of the Unified register of Russian programs for computers and databases:

  • OPTIMUM Platform (MEAP);
  • OPTIMUM GIS transport monitoring system;
  • OPTIMUM MMS field service automation system;
  • OPTIMUM ASUMT sales force automation system;
  • OPTIMUM Kiosk mobile applications management system;
  • OPTIMUM Billing software platform;
  • OPTIMUM BESTSHOP retail sales management system.
  • OPTIMUM BESTSHOP mobile app to interact manufacturers (distributors) and the staff outlets

As at 06.30.16 the mobile solutions based on OPTIMUM SDK work effectively in more than 5500 companies (with over 1 000 000 jobs automated) in Russian Federation and CIS countries.

OPTIMUM GIS transport monitoring system was completed with modules that extend the capabilities of logistics specialists in delivery routes planning and in monitoring compliance with labor laws and the driving regulations.

OPTIMUM SDK became the main tool for creating mobile applications that automate work of linemen and other mobile employees by Russian Railways.

OPTIMUM DMS distribution network management system was implemented by three largest manufacturers Nestle, United Confectioners and "Tosol-Sintez".

Partner statuses of Zebra Technologies, Zebra Premier ISV (Independent Software Vendor) Partner and Registered Reseller, granted to CDC.

Proprietary cartographic service on the basis of OpenStreetMap.org maps developed for planning optimal routes and monitoring vehicles in the OPTIMUM GIS geoinformation system (TMS).

The CDC Group included in the list Russias Major IT Companies 2016 published by the Tdviser analytic center.

The CDC Group ranked first in the CNews portals rating of the major developers of mobile applications for business and governmental agencies in 2015.

The 4th version of OPTIMUM SDK, technology platform for developing mobile applications, created.

The 2B2 section of the Samsung official outlet exhibits the OPTIMUM suite solutions that enables businesses to automate operations of mobile agents in wholesale and retail trade (Supervisor and Mobile Assistant) and maintenance and repair of equipment (Mobile Monitoring and Services).

Optimum Tizen API (application programming interface) developed for the OPTIMUM SDK technology platform.

Activities started to include CDCs software products into the Unified registry of Russian Programs for Computers and Databases.

Pilot operations of the System for Collection and Delivery of Mail (SSiDO) successfully completed at the federal state unitary enterprise Main Center for Special Communications (FGUP GTsSS).


As of 31.12.15, the mobile solutions on the OPTIMUM SDK platform are efficiently operated at more than 5,000 companies (over 750,000 workplaces automated) in the Russian Federation and CIS countries.

The OPTIMUM SDK platform included in the list of the years 50 best programs Russia: Innovations and Achievements 2015 published by PC Magazine/RE.

Status of ASUS authorized partner on mobile solutions granted to CDC.

OPTIMUM Billing, a suite of new software products that automate processes in municipal services and interactions of servicing companies with residents, advertised at the marketplace.

The CDC Group is now Samsung usiness Partner with Silver Status.

In July a partners agreement was reached with the Baky Hazyna integrator concerning cooperation in the field of sales force automation in Turkmenistan.

Near the end of the first half of the year an important event in the history of the OPTIMUM SFA solution development took place CDC released an upgraded version of the OPTIMUM Sales Force Automation System for Android. The system's interface underwent big changes and its functionality was expanded significantly as well. At the beginning of the year 2 new solutions were announced: CDC TMA (Trade Marketing Automation), developed for the automation of the manufacturers' and distributors' in the FMCG sector promotional efforts management, and OPTIMUM WFM (Work Force Management) for retail, created for retail store chain staff management.

In April Moscow restaurant GOODMAN hosted an exciting and tasty event organized by CDC and Samsung introduction of the new software and hardware solutions for business automation to be carried out by the FMCG companies' senior executives.

Several agreements have been signed with major Russian system integrators CROC, MAYCOR-GMCS and Energodata concerning cooperation in the field of the OPTIMUM Platform SDK (Software Development Kit) based mobile solutions development.

The field service management system of the WFM class (WorkForce Management) OPTIMUM MMS 3.0 became a winner of the Russian Software 2014: innovations and achievements prize, awarded by the well-respected computer technology magazine PC Magazine/RE.

At the start of 2015 the company set its course towards intensive partnership development. In February the CDC group of companies was awarded at the Samsung Top Partner Awards 2014 as a result of the fruitful partnership during 2014 and the great start of 2015 while also achieving Silver Performance Partner status with the Honeywell company. March 25th 2015 the Competence Center in the field of power and oil and natural gas industries was opened in the Microsoft Technology Center in Moscow, where the solutions created by the leading Russian and international developers are showcased, including the OPTIMUM MMS (Mobile Monitoring and Services) hardware and software system by the CDC group of companies.


The CDC Group confirms the Zebra Reseller partner status.

The CDC Group takes part in the Samsung Enterprise Forum 2014 Intelligent Solutions for Organizations where solutions for monitoring vehicles were presented.

At the OIL & GAS 2014 exhibition, mobile solution OPTIMUM MMS (Mobile Monitoring and Service) has been presented.

An upgraded version of the OPTIMUM GIS: Monitoring solution intended for monitoring the state and movement of vehicles has been presented.

Release of Distance Learning System, a new solution in the suite of OPTIMUM software products, is announced.

The CDC Group is ranked the first in the rating of major developers of mobile applications for business and government structures published by CNews.

OPTIMUM MMS 2.5, a new version of the solution for automating operations of maintenance and repair crews, has been presented.

OPTIMUM technology platform, a new software product intended for developing mobile business applications, has been released.

The OPTIMUM GIS information system is has been implemented in Home Credit Bank.

The CDC Group takes part actively takes part in Microsoft App Summit 2014.

Series of Webinars for training in the OPTIMUM system started.


CDC is awarded with a diploma for successful and fruitful cooperation with ASUStek Computer Inc. in 2013.

Samsung selects CDC Service, part of the CDC group of companies, as its authorized representative in Russia.

CDC Group optimizes operations of ramp personnel in Sheremetyevo airport through implementing at JSC Aeroflot-Russian Airlines an automated system for operation control and data exchange. The system was designed especially for Aeroflot on the basis of OPTIMUM MMS and OPTIMUM GIS mobile solutions.

At the Softool: Product of the Year contest of best IT solutions, OPTIMUM, an automated system for mobile process management (ASUMP), is a winner in three categories: Comprehensive solution for automating business processes of enterprises of any size, Automation of mobile trade and product delivery, and Automation of field services and technical maintenance.

CDC Group presents mobile solutions and applications at Softool 2013, an annual exhibition of information and communication technologies.

CDC Group holds a conference devoted to long-term development of partnership relations with dealers and represents new mobile solutions on the basis of the OPTIMUM platform.

OPTIMUM Kiosk, a mobile solution intended for restricting scenarios of user operations with Android smartphones and tablets, is presented on the market.

The OPTIMUM GIS geoinformation system is enhanced with the Routing++ module that extends the systems capacities in planning routes of mobile agents.

CDC represents a new mobile application for the Android platform, OPTIMUM Shipping Agent. The new product enables rapid setting of tasks for driver (shipping agent) and receiving reports.

A new mobile application for the Android platform, OPTIMUM Supervisor, is developed. It enables merchandiser team operations to be controlled in real time.

The CDC group of companies concludes a partnership agreement with Unitech, a transnational manufacturer of rugged mobile terminals.

The CDC group of companies takes part in SAP Forum 2013, one of the most important events in SAP business community, and performs as a technology sponsor of the meeting.

CDC Group wins the contest for implementing the OPTIMUM SFA system held by MARR RUSSIA.


PC Magazine / Russian Edition, an authoritative computer-technology periodical, includes the CDC Groups Handling a Shelf (SUP MobRetail) mobile solution into Russian Software 2012: Innovations and Achievements, a list of the best software products.

The CDC Group takes part in the Business Solution: Future 2012 conference where it represents the Managers Automated Workstation mobile solution. The product developed on the SAP SUP platform supports rapid making of justified decisions and efficient business management owing to the options to instantly retrieve required information and analyze it.

The CDC Group takes part takes part in the SAP Industry Forum where it represents the Handling a Shelf (SUP MobRetail) mobile solution. The product developed on the SAP SUP platform is intended for automating operations of the shops personnel in the sales area and representative of suppliers.

The CDC Group ceases to further develop the server component of OPTIMUM Manager, the automated workstation for office employees. The Manager automated workstation will be fully replaced with thin client WARM (Web access).

The CDC Group is selected by SAP as the first Russian OEM partner and is granted the right to incorporate SAP solutions into its products.

The CDC Group earns the Motorola Application Partner Elite Specialist status.

The CDC Group is the first Russian developer of mobile personnel automation systems to win the SAP Partner status.

As of May 31, 2012, the total number of OPTIMUM platform implementation reaches 3,300 (over 390,000 mobile agents).

OPTIMUM ITORO, the first mobile solution developed in Russia using SAP SUP technology, has been certified at the SAP Labs Canada international center.

The CDC Group is a Technology sponsor of the SAP Forum 2012 partner forum for which, by the request of SAP, it developed a Mobile Guide application on the basis of the SUP platform. At the booth, the CDC group also displays other solutions on the SUP platform: OPTIMUM ITORO, CRM, SFA (Mobile trade), and Web Shop.

The CDC Group takes part in the Integration of SAP Products and Technologies into Software Developers Solutions, a technology workshop organized by SAP.

The CDC Group presents a report on The worlds best mobile business solutions at the Mobile solutions for business round table arranged by the CNews Internet periodical with support from RBC.

The CDC Group ceases providing technical support to the OPTIMUM sales force automation systems on the basis of Palm OS.


As of December 31, 2011, OPTIMUM, the automated system for mobile process management, is used on a daily basis by over 350,000 mobile agents.

The CDC Group takes part in the first in the series of workshops devoted to key issues in operating IT systems. The event was initiated by Mikhail Senatorov, deputy chairman of the Bank of Russia. The CDC Group presents the mobile solutions designed for enhancing continuity of business.

Rentafon, part of the CDC Group, represents at the SAPPHIRE NOW 2011 international business conference OPTIMUM SFA & MMS (OPTIMUM SFA and Mobile Monitoring Services), a mobile solution for automating servicing and inspection of different equipment and facilities. The product is implemented on the SAP SUP platform.

The CDC Group is a partner to the Innovations at Your Business Service, a SAP technology forum, and SAP Deep Dive, a forum for SAP consultant community. The CDC Group presents its new solutions on the SAP SUP platform (Sybase Unwired Platform) developed for automating servicing and maintaining the life cycle of equipment.

The CDC group took part in the 4th International Investment Forum Yugra-2011 where it represented to specialists in oil and gas industry of Western Siberia the OPTIMUM MMS solution designed for automating services, repair, and technical maintenance of equipment.

For the first time in the history of the annual congress Podmoskovnye Vechera conducted by the 4CIO Club, registration of participants and subsequent collection of data on attendance of sessions was automated with the support from CDC.

As of 31.08.2011, the OPTIMUM SFA system is successfully operated in 3,000 all over Russia and CIS countries. Over 300,000 mobile jobs have been automated.

The participants of the 6th Annual All-Russia Conference Logistic of Russias Cosmetics and Makeup Market - CosmeLogic-2011 selected OPTIMUM as the best innovative solution in logistics.

UPECO merchandisers were the first to switch to the mobile version of OPTIMUM intended for smartphones under the Android operating system.

The CDC group held a conference to announce the official start of OPTIMUM software for the Android platform.

As of 31.05.2011, the OPTIMUM SFA system is successfully operated in 2,990 all over Russia and CIS countries. Over 298,000 mobile jobs have been automated.

The CDC group has again confirmed its highest status in the Motorola Partner Select - Premier ISV (Independent Software Vendor) partner program.

The CDC group concluded a partnership agreement with Esri CIS, the exclusive distributor of the US-based Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI), on which basis out-of-the-box solutions will be developed for handling geoinformation systems in the fields.

The CDC group developed a mobile version of the OPTIMUM system for smartphones and tablet PCs on the basis of the Google Android operating system.

CDC won the Gold Independent Software Vendor (ISV) competence in Microsofts new partnership program.

The CDC group developed a mobile client for OPTIMUM on the basis of SAP SUP (Sybase Unwired Platform).

PC Magazine/RE selected the OPTIMUM GIS geoinformation system as one of the most advanced, innovative, and efficient products developed in 2010.


As of 31.12.2010 OPTIMUM SFA has been effectively operating in 2,850 companies all over Russia and in CIS countries. Over 250,000 mobile work stations have been automated.

OOO Rentafon, part of the CDC group, concluded a partnership agreement with SAP AG, having obtained the sales partner status (VAP-partner).

CDC in cooperation with the ASP group, an official partner with the Premium Reseller Partner competence, and Avis-Expert conducted a free-admittance seminar where CDC products on the OPTIMUM platform (OPTIMUM SFA, OPTIMUM GIS, and OPTIMUM ) were presented. At the seminar reports were delivered by representatives of Microsoft, MTS, Motorola, and Infobox, who described advantages for clients provided by OPTIMUM suite solutions.

MT-Proekty, a system integrator and an official CDC partner with the Premium Reseller Partner competence, and InTegra conducted the OPTIMUM Platform: Slashing Costs and Boosting Efficiency of Mobile Personnel seminar, a free-admittance workshop devoted to mobile trade and logistic. At the meeting, OPTIMUM solutions were presented that enable customers to reduce costs and boost the efficiency of their mobile personnel.

CDC and the SpetsTek research and production company concluded a strategic agreement on cooperation that aims at developing and implementing an integrated system for maintenance and repair management. The joint integration solution will be based on TRIM, an EAM/MRO system, and OPTIMUM , a HW/SW facility automating activities of field repair and service personnel.

The British-American Tobacco Trading Company integrated OPTIMUM OLAP, a module intended for developing analytical reports and data analysis, into its corporate information and analytic system.

The OPTIMUM platform won its next certificate: 1: Compatible.

The CDC group tested the new Highscreen Hippo communicator and recommended it for usage by mobile agents. As part of testing, the device has successfully passed over 50 mandatory tests required for joint operations with the OPTIMUM system, including generation and editing of documents, remote and local synchronization with a database server, input of images, identification of location using GPS coordinates, etc.

The CDC group took part in a round table with participation of Microsoft senior VP on technical strategy.

BAT (British American Tobacco) implemented the OPTIMUM SFA system in Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia.

OPTIMUM, the product offered by the CDC group, was selected as the best solution in Central and Eastern Europe and nominated as a world finalist in the Mobility Solutions Business Application Partner of the Year category.


Microsoft granted the CDC group was granted two new competences: Business Intelligence and Data Management Solutions.

Loginfo, a journal on logistic and business, published two articles devoted to route optimization, transport monitoring, and cost reduction using the Geographical Information System (GIS).

CDC completed re-branding of its OPTIMUM hardware/software platform. The name of the product is now Automated Management and Monitoring System OPTIMUM Mobiles Solutions. It comprises five modules: OPTIMUM Geographic Information System (GIS), OPTIMUM Mobile Monitoring and Services (MMS), OPTIMUM Sales Force Automation (SFA), OPTIMUM Geographically Distributed Project Management, and OPTIMUM OLAP.

The Delovaya Stolitsa. Litsa Biznesa (Business Capital City. Business Images) magazine published an article by Hussein Az-zari, CDC president, presenting the companys new projects.

CDC participated in the GosZakaz 2009 (State Contract 2009) exhibition and forum and in the Neftegaz 2009 (Oil and Gas 2009) international exhibition held in Moscow.

The CDC group conducted in Moscow two free seminars devoted to cutting expenses on and boosting efficiency of mobile personnel using the OPTIMUM GIS and OPTIMUM MMS automated systems.

In cooperation with Microsofts Moscow office, a round table was held for customers where capacities of corporate portals based on Microsoft Office Share Point Server, a Web-oriented server platform, were presented.

The CDC group joined the Moscow Confederation of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (Employers). The company intends to participate in the most active way is resolving city problems by contributing, in particular, to the specialized city program Moscow Comprehensive Innovation Program.

A partnership agreement was concluded with Yota, a Russian developer and provider of mobile services on the basis of cutting-edge 4G technologies for fast Internet access. This cooperation will be a springboard for promoting on the Russian market an integrated solution for management of mobile agents using high-speed Mobile WiMAX communications channels.

CDC and BARTEC GmbH concluded a partnership agreement to implement a hardware/software solution for automation of mobile personnel operations in hazardous environments at oil-mining, oil- refining, and chemical plants. The software component of the future facility will be based on the OPTIMUM (Mobile Monitoring & Services) solution developed by CDC that will be installed on MC9090ex terminals (a joint product of Motorola and BARTEC).

The CDC group was a winner in the International Contest of Microsoft Partnership IT Solutions 2009 in two CEE regional nominations: Mobility Solutions Business Application Partner of the Year and Mobility Solutions Partner of the Year.

The OPTIMUM hardware/software facility for automated delivery and mobile trade (SFA + GIS) was selected as the best innovative solution at the 4th Annual All-Russia Conference Logistic for Russias Perfumery and Cosmetics Market (CosmeLogic-2009).

Microsoft presented CDC the sixth competency award, Information Worker Solutions (specialization in Portals and Solutions for Joint Operations). This event is an acknowledgment of the companys high professional standards in development and deployment of sites for the Internet, extranets and intranets, and for other integrated solutions.

The CDC group in cooperation with partners conducted free seminars in Volgograd, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, and Krasnodar. At the events, solutions based on the OPTIMUM platform were presented that allow companies to slash expenses and boost mobile personnel efficiency.


As of September, 1, 2008 the OPTIMUM system is used effectively by more than 2,000 distributing and producing companies in Russia and CIS.

The compatibility of industrial-class mobile computers Motorola 70 and 35 with CDC software products was successfully confirmed as part of the Solution Validation Program of Motorola EMbs PartnerSelect Program at Motorolas laboratory at Winnersh (UK).

The OPTIMUM suite of software products was presented at the International Exhibition PRODEXPO 2008.

The CDC group released OPTIMUM MMS (Mobile Monitoring & Services), a new product for automation of service processes.

The OPTIMUM SFA and OPTIMUM MMS systems were presented at the Windows Mobile Briefing 2008 conference held by Microsoft.

OPTIMUM SFA was selected as one of the best IT solutions in Russia. The SFA project for Istok participates in the contest for prestigious CNews AWARDS 2008 in the Trade Upgrade category.

The CDC group was the only Russian company to win the Microsoft Mobility Solutions Partner of the Year award not only in the CEE region but also in the worldwide contest.

As of September 31, 2008, OPTIMUM SFA is efficiently operated by more than 2,000 companies all over Russian and in CIS countries. Over 100,000 mobile workstations have been automated.

PC Magazine/RE, an authoritative journal on software and related issues, included OPTIMUM MMS (Mobile Monitoring & Services) in the golden collection of software solutions in the Business Solutions category.

The CDC group presented a suite of OPTIMUM hardware/software solutions at the 10th Platform 2009. Shaping Future conference held by Microsoft.


CDC Group developed "Mobile Trading" - updated version of OPTIMUM system for Vympelkom company (Beeline trade mark). Some new functions were added for Vympelkom.

As of February 1, 2007 the OPTIMUM system is used effectively by more than 1250 distributing and producing companies in Russia and CIS.

As of June, 1, 2007 the OPTIMUM system is used effectively by more than 1300 distributing and producing companies in Russia and CIS.

CDC Group, Amdocs and JSC "Vympelkom" (BeeLine trade mark) presented the joint solution for mobile trade and distribution automation and client relations management at the third international Business Forum "Call Centers & CRM Kyiv 2007".

Group of Companies CDC became Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with the competences ISV/Software Products Solutions and Business Process & Integration Solutions.

CDC won the tender for SNS company automation. SNS is an exclusive distributor of British American Tabacco (BAT) products in Russia.

Optimum system won the first prize at "Softool: product of the year 2006" competition, nomination "Telecommunications/Mobile technologies".

OPTIMUM system was presented at the 11th annual exhibition Trade and Storehouse 2007.

OPTIMUM system was presented at the international exhibition of the provisions PRODEXPO 2007.

New functionality was added to OPTIMUM system. The updates allow creating and planning sales representatives' route and analyzing their results on the basis of Geographical Information System (OPTIMUM GIS module).


OPTIMUM system was represented on the Software products varnishing day annually held by the "1C" firm.

OPTIMUM system was represented on the 13th International Exhibition of Foodstuffs and Food Raw Materials PRODEXPO 2006.

New versions of the CDC trademarked products were released. These products are unique hardware-software complex OPTOCASE and infrared adapter EFIR which are intended for wireless printing of documents in Pre selling or Van selling processes.

As of March 1, 2006 the OPTIMUM system is used effectively by more than 900 distributing and producing companies in Russia and CIS.

The Group of companies CDC became a member of Non-Commercial Partnership of Software Suppliers (NCP SS). The Partnership's goal is to protect interests of information services and licensed software suppliers and producers in the struggle against piratical production.

Agreement on cooperation with Softline Solutions company was concluded. The purpose of the agreement is cooperative promotion of the integrated solution on the basis of ACSMT OPTIMUM and ERP system SAP Business One on the Russian market.

OPTIMUM system was represented on the Spring Microsoft Partner Forum 2006.

OPTIMUM system was represented on the 18th International Exhibition of telecommunications, information technology and wireless/broadband technology Sviaz-Expocomm 2006.

Agreement on cooperation with i2 CIS company was concluded. The purpose of the agreement is cooperative promotion of the first rate warehouse management systems EXceed WMS on the Russian market.

New version of the CDC companys firm product was released. This product is Automated Control System of Mobile Trade OPTIMUM DP 6.0 for Windows Mobile (Pocket PC) platform. Now the System provides such opportunities as simultaneous working with several warehouses, use of graphic images in the clients directory, working with products matrixes, remote control over trade representatives, unsatisfied demand considering and others.

Tenders for automation of VEDA Company and Group of companies "Russian Alcohol" were won. These companies are large and famous in Russia and CIS producers of strong and spirit mixed drinks.

Tender for "United confectioners" holding automation was won. "United confectioners" is the major in Europe holding of confectionery producers ("Red October", "Rot Front", "Babaevskiy" and other factories).

Tender for EFES-Moscow Brewery automation was won. EFES-Moscow Brewery is the producer of wide-spread in Russia beer-brands Efes and Stariy Melnik.

OPTIMUM solution was represented at the annual international exhibition Softool-2006.

OPTIMUM system was represented on the Autumn Software products Varnishing Day annually held by the Firm "1C".

CDC participated in the Autumn Microsoft Partner Forum and in the IAMCP Russia session.


Johnson & Johnson automation tender was won. Johnson & Johnson is the world famous healthy products producer.

The technology of rapid integration between ACSMT OPTIMUM and the famous Russian program system 1C: Enterprise 7.7 was realized.

The technology of rapid integration between ACSMT OPTIMUM DP and the famous Russian program system "1C: Enterprise 7.7 and 8.0" was realized.

Integration between "BA: Distribution 8.0" product of the "1C: Franchise 1st Business architect" company and OPTIMUM system of the CDC company was finished. As the result integrated solution for distribution companies was created.

Global agreement between Paragon Software company (SHDD) and CDC company about joint operating on the Russian handheld computer enterprise market was completed. Paragon Software (SHDD) technologies are utilized in the CDCs automation systems of mobile trade.

The technology of rapid integration between OPTIMUM system and Microsoft Business Solutions-Axapta 3.0/Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision ERP-systems was developed. These integration processes take less then 14 consecutive days.

Integration between OPTIMUM system and SAP Business One solution was finished. SAP Business One solution is intended for management of medium and small enterprises and is promoted in Russia by "DIT" JSC.

Agreement with BEST Company on integration between OPTIMUM system and BEST-4+/BEST-5 bundled software was completed. The aim was to create the complex solution for mobile trade representatives performance records.

Integration between ACSMT OPTIMUM and integrated automation system of business management "PARUS" was realized. "PARUS" system is developed on the basis of the client-server technology (Oracle DBMS).

The Group of companies MEGAPOLIS, the major tobacco products distributor in Russia, decided to change-over its own direct-delivery services from competitor's solution to ACSMT OPTIMUM.

National Trade Network Gradient, one of the major Russian distributors of cosmetics, perfumery and household chemistry, decided to change-over all its pre-selling departments and direct-delivery services in Moscow and Moscow Region from competitors solution to ACSMT OPTIMUM.

The Certificate "Compatible! Program system 1C: Enterprise" for updated version of Automated Control System of Mobile Trade OPTIMUM was obtained.

The agreement on cooperation with "Antor Business Solutions" company was concluded. The purpose of the agreement is to promote the joint solution for mobile workers complex control.

The agreement on cooperation with "CORSY" company was concluded. The purpose of the agreement is cooperative promotion of ACSMT OPTIMUM and Microsoft Business Solutions-Axapta integrated solutions into FMCG market.

OPTIMUM system was first applied to advertising agency automation (BWA RAPP COLLINS MOSCOW).

OPTIMUM solution was represented on five stands of CDC partners at the international exhibition Softool-2005.

The project on SUN Interbrew company automation by OPTIMUM system was completed. SUN Interbrew is one of the major production and distribution beer holdings in the Russian Federation. SUN Interbrew trade representatives' and distributors' work was automated by CDC product in five Regions (Tula, Tver, Vladimir, Smolensk and Kaluga).

OPTIMUM system obtained the highest grade in the "Mobile Software" category of PC Magazine/RE rating.

New version of the unique hardware-software complex OPTOCASE-3 was released. This complex is intended for documents printing in goods delivery to the points of sale or in pre-selling.

Agreement on cooperation with IBS R&C company was concluded. The purpose of the agreement is cooperative promotion of the integrated solution on the basis of ACSMT OPTIMUM and Microsoft Business Solutions products into FMCG market.

New version of the CDC companys firm products was released. These products are OPTIMUM+ 5.5 and OPTIMUM DP 5.5 for Palm OS and Pocket PC platforms correspondingly.

CDC company obtained the status Microsoft Certified Partner with the ISV/Software Products Solutions Competency.

The Group of companies CDC (Corporate Development Centre) went into the Steering Committee of the International Association of Microsoft Certified Partners in Russia.


Kraft Foods automation tender was won. Kraft Foods is one of the world food production leaders.

TENORE Trade house automation tender was won. TENORE Trade house is the Philip Morris distributor.

Nestle automation tender was won. Nestle is the largest food production company in the world.

Schwarzkopf & Henkel automation tender was won. Schwarzkopf & Henkel is the major producer of hair-dyes, hair care products, skin care products, perfumery and oral hygiene products (Taft, Schauma, Brillance, Gliss Kur, Fa, Fa Men trade marks).

While holding a tender by Liggett Ducat Company (Gallaher) OPTIMUM system got twice as much grade as the most similar competitors products and was declared the best product for enterprise processes automation.

Consolidation of CDC and Delta Projects Group companies was finished. This union considerably strengthened area of mobile developments for Pocket PC/Windows CE and Palm OS in the renovated structure.

Integration between OPTIMUM and Corporate Information System "FOLIO Kupetc" of the "FOLIO" company was realized.

Integration speed in the Group of companies CDC increased by the record level: following the results of the 2004 year 296 companies were automated.


GILLETTE GROUP automation tender was won. GILLETTE GROUP is the official representative of Gillette company (producer of shaving products, creams, gels.).

"First distribution company OPTIMA" automation tender was won. "First distribution company OPTIMA" is the major Philip Morris distributor in Russia.

SUN Interbrew company automation tender was won. SUN Interbrew is the major production and distribution beer holding in Russia.

Agreement with FERRING Company specializing in biopharmaceutics researches was signed. Automation system of FERRING medical representatives activities was developed.

New OPTIMUM version for Pocket PC handheld computers was released. New product code names were "DS_Trade_OPTIMUM" and "DS_OPTIMUM".

New bundled software "OPTIMUM DP" was released. Uniqueness of this version is the opportunity for trade representatives to work on Palm and Pocket PC handheld computers at one time in one company, in one database of mobile system and in one clients corporate information system (CIS).


"Corporate Development Centre" was transformed into the Group of Companies headed by CDC Ltd., including RENTAFON Ltd. (gross sale of accessories for cellular phones and pocket computers), Master MAXIMUS Ltd. (cellular phones and pocket computers servicing, development and production of accessories and devices used in mobile business processes), Delta Systems Ltd. (development of the ERP class systems based on MS SQL and Oracle, development of WEB-applications). The purpose is to create a strong and stable holding, specialized in production, distribution, and introduction of integrated systems for major and medium enterprises automation, as well as supply services and delivery of computer hardware, media, various mobile devices and accessories.

CDC Company was declared sole authorized Palm integrator in Russia.

CDC Company obtained Handspring Companys (the world-famous PPC producer) authorized partner status in the area of corporate business.

MARS distribution network automation tender was won.


Tenders of PepsiCo Holdings (Moscow) and Pepsi Bottling Group (St.-Petersburg) were won and contracts with these companies were closed.


The first version of automation system of mobile trade OPTIMUM for Windows CE operating system and Pocket PC was developed.


Version of automation system of mobile trade OPTIMUM for Newton OS and Newton MessagePad handheld computers was developed.

Version of automation system of mobile trade OPTIMUM for EPOC OS and Psion WorkAbout mobile terminals was developed.

The first version of automation system of mobile trade OPTIMUM for Palm OS and Palm handheld computers was developed.

New hardware solution "OPTOCASE" was developed and put into industrial use. "OPTOCASE" is professional solution for mobile printout and document storage.


The development of OPTIMUM system was started. It was the first universal software product for PPC automating work of field staff. The Companys activities have changed the concept of pocket PCs, turned them into an effective business tool.


First system implementation in the RUSMED Company (the large Russian distributor of household products, perfumery and personal-care products) was realized.


The first Russian system of direct sales automation MOTOS (Mobile Sales System), based on the use of pocket personal computers Newton MessagePad, was developed.

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