Supervisor’s Best Aide


The CDC Group’s specialists developed Optimum Supervisor, a unique solution for trading companies.

The new mobile solution that extends functionalities of the Optimum sales force automation system allows supervisors to concentrate on effective management of their teams of sales representatives and merchandisers.

Optimum Supervisor enables sales representative operations to be monitored in real time. The supervisor’s tablet PC displays a map of the territory with sales outlets, their locations, and routes and activities of sales representatives at sales outlets.

For example, there is a new sales representative in your team, and you wish to know how that representative passes his/her route. You can see when the sales representative started his/her job, how many sales outlets he/she visited and where he/she spent too much time. For each outlet, the entire information available in the database can be displayed. And, the most important, you can see the results of the sales representative’s operations at each outlet: whether an order was made, a photo report created, questionnaire filled in, etc.

The supervisor can personally come to the territory and fulfill the duties of the sales representative: collect orders, generate invoices and merchandising documents, etc. The supervisor has access to all information captured by his/her subordinates (orders, photo reports, etc.). The supervisor can also visit a sales outlet(s) and check reliability of the data related to it.

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