CDC Unveils a New Product, Optimum Platform


The CDC Group announces distribution of a new product, Optimum technology platform, intended for developing mobile applications without no limitation whatsoever on their complexity.

The applications created on the basis of the platform feature reliability and stability of operations, integration with the internal corporate information systems, high rate of operations and data exchange, аnd an option of full-scape operations in off-line mode. The Optimum platform undertakes the functions of the server part in the projects for automating mobile business processes of any company slashing as a result the time and resources needed for developing an applications and reducing the company’s direct expenses on automation of business processes as a whole.

The Optimum platform will be of interest for the following types of companies:

  • the company of any size, regardless of the market segment where is operates, that needs to automate any business processes using mobile technologies (and maintaining internal accounting in some management system (corporate information system)of any complexity level;
  • the integrator company of any size that develops and/or implements mobile solutions in the B2B segment;
  • the company that develops mobile solutions for the B2B segment;
  • the company that develops business solutions and intends to develop the ‘mobility’ promising area and/or some of its clients need to automate some mobile business processes.

The mobile business solution developed on the basis of the Optimum platform is for the company a reliable individual solution that meets individual requirements, maintains high loads, and can concurrently operate with large data volumes.

For 18 year the CDC Group has been implementing solutions developed on the basis of the Optimum platform and now this platform is available to everyone! During all these years the Optimum platform won high assessment in the projects for automation of business processes in major companies, leaders in corresponding industries in the Russian market.

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