CDC Group presented capacities of MADP/MEAP-class Optimum Platform at Galaxy conference


On April 20, 2017, the CDC Group participated in the conference ’Galaktika Business Day 2017’ held by Galaktika. The event was attended by more than 200 CIOs and financial experts of leading companies operating in different branches of economy and by the company’s technology and business partners.

Khuseyn Az-zari, the CDC President, delivered a speech at the section of modern methods for management of production assets. He represented to attendees ‘Galaktika Mobile’, a solution for monitoring engineering state of infrastructure facilities operated by major energy companies. The solution was developed on the Optimum Platform belonging to the class of Development Platform (MADP)/Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP). It enables the company to rapidly plan operations of mobile specialists with consideration for their qualification, availability of spare parts, tools, and accessories, planned and actual duration of works and to supervise, in real time, execution of operations on the basis of pre-defined scenarios.

Owing to being developed on the Optimum Platform, the ‘Galaktika Mobile’ can be easily and rapidly tailored to the needs of any customer that manages extensive and complex infrastructure. The system will yield the maximum possible effect in such industries as oil production, chemical industry, construction and maintenance of energy facilities, railroad infrastructure, and communications lines and systems.

‘Galaktika Mobile’ fully maintains the entire functionality of EAM systems. According to Galaktika’s specialists, the benefit from implementing the solution at vitally important infrastructure facilities may be over 1 bn rubles a year.

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