CDC and Otkrytaya Mobil’naya Platforma represent Optimum, an open technology platform for developing corporate mobile solutions on the basis of Sailfish Mobile OS RUS


CDC Group, a leading Russian developer of mobile solutions for automating enterprise-wide business processes, announces that it starts supporting the Sailfish OS operating system in its Optimum technology platform intended for developing trusted corporate solutions. Sailfish OS is developed, products on its basis created, and support to developers in Russia is provided by Otkrytaya Mobil’naya Platforma.

Sailfish OS is an operating system for mobile devices and tablet PCs based on Linux libraries and kernel. The list of its key features includes high performance, low requirements for hardware, enhanced protection of users’ personal data, and user-friendliness with respect to developers’ community.

The Optimum technology platform is intended for creating new corporate mobile solutions and boosting efficiency of the existing ones. It is successfully used in high-load project maintaining reliable transmission of large data volumes from corporate information systems to mobile devices and back via virtually any communication channel.

The Optimum platform will be beneficial for any company operating in any market segment whose current business model involves mobile developments and for integrators and developers of mobile solutions for the B2B segment whose clients need to automate mobile processes using Sailfish OS devices.

Using the platform, the company can rapidly, with high quality and minor labor input develop and operate mobile solutions that use client-server architecture with no limitation whatsoever on their complexity.

At the Mobile World Congress, one of the world’s largest industry-wide events in the mobile system area that was held in Barcelona, a system for automating service engineers was presented. It was developed by Otkrytaya Mobil’naya Platforma on the basis of the Optimum technology platform.

The solution presented was installed in a Jolla C device. Visitors could operate it in the function of a mobile agent and send data (text and photo) from a remote facility. The Russian mobile operating system and the development on its basis attracted strong interest of the representatives of major Russian business who visited the exhibition. It was of special interest for the companies that are already aware of the capacities of the Optimum platform and intend to enhance security of their solutions using a trusted and certified operating system.

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