OPTIMUM Work Force Management

OPTIMUM WFM (Work Force Management)

The OPTIMUM WFM (Work Force Management) system is intended for retail staff management.

The system is primarily designed for:

  1. normalizing the number of employees and performing initial (periodic) calculation of staff using data on the current number of employees, vacant positions, and specified criteria;
  2. generating, on a monthly basis, the schedule of work operations with consideration for the production calendar, vacations, labor laws, etc.;
  3. generating individual work schedules for each employee;
  4. adjusting schedules in manual mode: changing the number of days that employees work at a sales outlet;
  5. re-calculating the number of employees on a regular basis with consideration for the following changes: sick leaves, newly hired employee, dismissed employee, vacation, etc.;
  6. re-calculating the schedule until the end of the month in automatic mode;
  7. controlling activities (presence) of employees using biometric devices;
  8. exporting/importing data of different accounting systems (SAP HR, SAP BW, 1C).

The system enables you to:

  1. calculate the optimum number of employees in different shits during a day with given periodicity;
  2. in calculating the number of employees, use different indicators (number and total of receipts issued, targeted sale volume, seasonal variations, etc.);
  3. determine the optimum number of employees at a sales outlet using specified characteristics and in compliance with Russian labor laws;
  4. generate work schedules for employees;
  5. re-calculate work schedules on a regular basis if changes are made to employees’ data at a specific sales outlet;
  6. capture information about replacement of a sales outlet manager;
  7. apply all regulatory norms of Russian labor laws in calculating work schedules of employees;
  8. control activities (presence) of employees using biometric devices (additional option).
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