OPTIMUM Sales Force Automation System

Sales Force Automation

OPTIMUM Sales Force Automation System is a software facility that enables you to efficiently automate operations of sales representatives using PDAs, Tablet PCs, and Smartphones. It is intended for automation and management of such trading activities as pre selling, van selling, and merchandizing.

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Sales Force Automation

Technical Overview

OPTIMUM consists of a server part (hosted on a desktop computer) and a mobile part (hosted on a sales representative’s PDA/Smartphone).

OPTIMUM: Server Part

The server part incorporates the communication module MAS (Mobile Application Server), the OPTIMUM SQL database, and one (or more) automated workstations Manager for office personnel:

Mobile Application Server (MAS)

MAS is intended for synchronizing a PDA and the OPTIMUM SQL database. This module is designed using the Point-to-Point technology enabling synchronization of the PDA and the mobile base through any data-transmission environment. Any Internet/intranet connection suits for synchronization: mobile communications (GSM/GPRS), LAN, WiFi, cradle, etc.

Basic concepts of MAS-assisted synchronization:

  1. Synchronization is always full, since during each session information is updated both in a PDA and in the SQL base.
  2. Data are transmitted in a compressed and encoded form enabling one to support very high synchronization rates: around 20 minutes for connection through a cradle and 1 minute for connection through a GSM 9600 channel (including 35 seconds for establishing a connection).
  3. MAS is a multithread application: an independent thread is created for each connection with a PDA. Owing to this, virtually any number of PDAs may be concurrently synchronized (this number is limited by the server performance alone).
  4. The set of synchronized data may be changed and/or extended without additional labor input or replacement of the module. The new set of synchronized data is automatically recorded to the support tables of the system when software is upgraded on the SQL Server and a PDA.
  5. MAS enables automatic recovery or update of the program for PDAs thus significantly reducing expenses on maintenance and upgrade of the system.
  6. MAS enables data exchange from PDAs directly to the SQL base not involving intermediate files. Owing to this, it possible to reduce the time needed for data exchange and resume the exchange operation from the place where it was interrupted (this feature is especially important for the remote exchange).


The database contains information required for operations of sales representatives and for exchange with the corporate accounting system. OPTIMUM SQL supports all the required reference tables (products, warehouses, prices, discounts, customers, and sales representatives), data on routes and management of sales representatives, goals and objectives, scenarios of operations of mobile agents, accounting entities, and much more.

The Manager Work Station

The Manager workstation is an efficient system for managing teams of sales representatives. It enables a company’s top managers and managers of sales-representative departments to rapidly obtain updated information about activities of sales representatives, create routes, remotely manage activities of mobile agents and efficiently supervise their operations. The Manager workstation is designed based on the hierarchical concept: each user may access all information that is located lower than his/her level and does not have access to information belonging to a higher level.

The Manager workstation supports the following business entities:

If your company has more than one warehouse, the Manager workstation will enable you to organize operations of sales representatives with both a specific warehouse and concurrently all of the warehouses.

OPTIMUM: Mobile Part

The mobile part of the OPTIMUM system is intended for operations at sales outlets. The system comprises the following modules: pre-selling, merchandising information, van selling, and automated operations of the supervisors of sales representatives (mobile agents).

All available client information is displayed on one screen, including debts, visits, photos, documents, plans, and events.

All available information on products is also displayed on one screen including prices, product stocks, images, and history of sales. When a product is selected in the process of ordering (or delivered on the basis of an invoice), presentation mode may be used that supports photos, filters, and a catalog.

Mobile agent operation scenarios (mandatory steps) at the sales outlet are displayed on one screen and may be highlighted using different colors, fonts, and icons. The user sees the steps to be performed and easily recognizes which of them are mandatory ones and which may be skipped.

The search is conducted concurrently in all of the specified fields. You can also use the options provided by the Google voice search.

Using the system, you can print out primary documents directly at the sales outlet (provided a mobile printer is available.) To rapidly orint put documents outside the office, CDC offers OPTOCASE, an proprietary mobile printing facility that comprises a mobile printer, powerful battery, car charger, and an elegant briefcase in which all these devices are installed.