OPTIMUM Platform for mobile apps development

OPTIMUM technology platform: a program tool that helps developing mobile business applications for different tasks.

Using the OPTIMUM platform will bring benefits to:

  1. The company of any size regardless of the market segment in which is operates provided that:
    • the business model of the company’s operations includes ‘mobile processes’ (some operations are already performed by agents outside office or need in such operations may potentially occur);
    • accounting is maintained in an information system (ERP, CRM, etc) without limitations on its complexity whatsoever;
    • some business process(es) need to be automated using mobile technologies;
    • the company has own structural unit for development of mobiles solutions or partners in automation that can automate required business processes on the basis of the OPTIMUM mobile platform thus slashing the time and cost of implementing the final solution;
  2. to the integrator company of any size that develops and/or implements mobile solutions in the B2B sector;
  3. to the company that develops mobile solutions for the B2B sector;
  4. to the company that develops business solutions and intends to step into the promising area of mobile solutions and/or its clients need to automate some mobile processes.

Regardless of the area in which you operate, the OPTIMUM technology platform will help you develop the application you need with all of required functional capacities and features.

Ensuring efficient operations of mobile agents is a prerequisite for developing the company. Operate wherever you want? No problem! The mobile applications developed on the basis of the OPTIMUM platform will be of help.

The OPTIMUM platform enables one to develop mobile applications with no limitation on its complexity for the most popular operating systems for mobile devices without any restrictions.

The variety of the applications developed on the basis of the platform may only be limited by your imagination and business needs.

Today, the CDC group proudly shares its decade-long experience thus making development of personalized mobile applications easier. Now it is you who will make decisions as to which of the company’s business processes are to be optimized and in what way it can be done.

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