Today companies urgently need efficient technologies for optimizing routes of mobile personnel and supervising activities of mobile agents (emergency mobile teams, service engineers, sales representatives, merchandisers, etc.).

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Planning the daily activities of mobile agents and supervising their operations have become the most important management tasks. The quality of performing these tasks strongly affects the efficiency of operations of not only each individual agent but the company as whole.

What problems arise most frequently in activities of enterprises that operate an own or leased fleet of vehicles? Transportation costs are constantly growing; traffic controllers are loaded with the sophisticated problems of planning routes; the timeframes for execution of orders and requests are violated; updated information about location of vehicles and their actual use is missing; activities of the mobile personnel are supervised in an unsatisfactory way... This list of problems is obviously far from being complete but one should better turn to the ways to resolve these problems.

The OPTIMUM GIS system is intended for efficient planning and development of routes for mobile personnel, supervision of the sales force activities, and optimization of transport logistics on the basis of global navigation systems.

Using the OPTIMUM GIS solution, you can reduce transportation costs by 40% and decrease the company’s expenses. This is ensured by:

  • automatic generation of optimal routes for mobile agents and drivers/shipping agents using electronic maps with consideration of travel speed variations on specific route segments as a result of which the total length of routes is reduced on average by 15-20%;
  • reduction in the number of trips and the number of vehicles in use due to optimization of load;
  • reduction in expenses on fuel and oil by 30-35% due to accurate mileage set in the itinerary list, optimization of routes themselves, and control of fuel consumption;
  • release of resources employed in traffic control since due to automatic transmission of coordinates a traffic controller can monitor more trips and the traffic control service concentrates on prevention of emergency situations rather than on permanent control of vehicles.

Says a logistic department employee of a distributor company: "After OPTIMUM GIS was implemented in one of our numerous Russian affiliates, we have clearly seen the difference between the manual and automatic generation of cargo delivery routes. For example, when 489 cargos with a total weight of 136,393.3 kg were shipped, the system reduced the total mileage in Krasnoyarsk by 193 km (i. e., by 15.5%) and distributed freights among the vehicles in such an efficient way that three vehicles were left vacant and the total number of trips was reduced by 4 units. To represent the results in a more comprehensible way, the overload of a vehicle is highlighted in red and the underload is highlighted in yellow. It is an easy job to calculate our saving on gasoline and diesel fuel for only one day. Additionally, before OPTIMUM GIS was implemented the fuel consumption was controlled by recording readings of the distance meter and crude estimate whether the mileage was not too large. We were virtually unable to identify the cases when drivers were making their own businesses and were wasting the company’s money, literally through the exhaust pipe. Apart from saving of fuel due to optimization of routes, we save next 20% by monitoring position of vehicles using a GPS system. Drivers are now provided with fuel and lubricants on the basis of the route mileage computed by the OPTIMUM system (plus or minus several liters needed because of traffic congestion/detours) rather than unsubstantiated estimates. Thus, the total saving of fuel in our company is 15.5+20=35.5%. These figures may fluctuate depending on the distance between delivery points, discipline of drivers, and other factors but, in my opinion, they hold true for the major part of transport companies in Russia."

Maps 1 and 2 show a daily route generated by OPTIMUM GIS for one driver (27.73 and 41.43 km; in total, 69.16 km). Map 3 shows the real route reconstructed using GPS monitoring data; its length is 83.8 km. Therefore, the driver was driving 14.6 km for his/her own needs.

Map 1:

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Map 2:

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Map 3:

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Using the OPTIMUM GIS solution, you can significantly enhance supervision of the mobile personnel’s activities. This is ensured due to:

  • monitoring of the compliance with the specified route using an electronic map and GPS/GLONASS data;
  • record of actual visits to outlets on the route on the map;
  • permanent monitoring and visualization of the actual location of vehicles.

Using the OPTIMUM GIS system, you can increase efficiency of your employees by 30%. This is ensured by:

  • reduction in the time required for generating shipping routes by a factor of 3 to 10;
  • rapid generation of daily route plans for agents and mobile teams;
  • automatic account of the time required for serving customers in the process of computing routes;
  • increase in the number of customers served by one mobile agent due to optimization of routes.

OPTIMUM GIS capacities:

  • Rapid planning of optimal routes for mobile personnel using electronic maps including generation of routes for mobile agents with consideration of destinations, traffic, transport junctions, and distances between outlets.
  • Rapid transmission of information to agents’ mobile devices and to the office.
  • Generation and printout of accompanying documents and a detailed description of the agent’s daily route.
  • Control of abuse of vehicles and optimization of operations using such tools as:
    • GPS monitoring of vehicles, control of fuel consumption, etc.;
    • transmission of monitoring data to the office for subsequent analysis;
    • analysis of deviations from the operation model recommended for a mobile agent for rapid taking of required managerial measures;
    • account of the territorial distribution of the mobile personnel and the facilities served by them in generating routes;
    • account of the time spent at outlets in calculating route duration.

The OPTIMUM GIS solution is smoothly integrated with 1C, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP R3, PARUS, BEST, and other accounting systems including those developed on the basis of the Oracle DBMS, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Visual FoxPro, etc.

OPTIMUM GIS comprises a logistic module intended for calculation and optimization of routes with consideration for the geographical position of served locations, technical and economic characteristics of vehicles, priorities of road segments, and a number of other parameters. As a result of calculations, the route with optimal characteristics is determined for each specific task. The calculated route includes information about the sequence of visits to locations, duration and length of the intervals of motion between locations, and duration of operations at each location. The map shows locations, parking lots, routes with indicated traffic directions, and the sequence of planned visits to locations.

OPTIMUM GIS is offered in different sets depending on the specific features and requirements of your business.

Make your choice of the following delivery packets:

  • OPTIMUM GIS: Monitoring and Routing
  • OPTIMUM GIS: Monitoring
  • OPTIMUM GIS: Routing
  • OPTIMUM GIS: Monitoring and Delivery
  • OPTIMUM GIS: Delivery

Efficiency of OPTIMUM GIS operations is confirmed by many real-life projects.
The experience in operating solutions based on the OPTIMUM platform shows that investments are returned very rapidly — on average, from 100 to 300% during 6 to 12 months after the launch of product operations of the system.

Benefits of OPTIMUM GIS operations:

  • The tasks for development of optimal routes are essentially simplified and the time required for planning trips is slashed.
  • The efficiency of supervision and manageability is enhanced at all operational levels: mobile agents, traffic controllers, managers, heads of manager teams, and directors.
  • The efficiency of sales force operations is enhanced and vehicles are used in an optimal way.
  • Orders and requests are performed more accurately.
  • The time required for acquainting mobile agents with the workflow is significantly reduced.
  • The costs for maintenance of mobile personnel and transportation costs are reduced.
  • The amount of non-production operations of traffic controllers in the office is reduced and the transport safety is improved.

The OPTIMUM GIS solutions become especially advantageous at the stage of the business development when the issues related to the efficiency of business and reduction in costs come to foreground.

Owing to the new technologies implemented in OPTIMUM GIS, the users of the system can gain additional revenues, foster their market positions, and actually increase capitalization of their business.

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