OPTIMUM E-Learning (Distance Learning System)

Distance Learning

OPTIMUM E-Learning (Distance Learning System) contains a comprehensive set of tools for arranging distance learning and subsequent resting and certification of personnel.

Main capacities of the system:

Advantages of the OPTIMUM training system:

Anywhere and anytime. OPTIMUM is the solution for training employees working remotely.

OPTIMUM SDO: a Distance Learning System

The unique feature of the OPTIMUM SDO solution is that the knowledge of the employees working remotely may be enhanced on a continuous basis owing to access to updated training materials. Anywhere and anytime they can get acquainted with ‘fresh’ information, view courses, pass tests, and be certified.

Your company’s information system will always provide you with detailed information on each employee: tests passed/not passed, date and time of passing tests, number of correctly answered questions, etc. You will have available a comprehensive reports on the knowledge of your personnel.

Using OPTIMUM E-Learning provides you the following benefits:

  1. Saving expenses on trainers conducting training workshops on-site;
  2. Slashing the time the personnel spend on training;
  3. Increasing sales volume as a result of enhanced quality of knowledge of sales managers.

How does OPTIMUM E-Learning work?

The training system handles the OPTIMUM database installed at the customer that is used in standard operations with sales outlets, employees, goods, etc. Courses are developed by the training manager in the management system with a Web interface (‘Manager’ Web-based automated workstation). Course parameters may be configured in an easy and rapid way.

The training manager selects the course topic and specifies its content: texts, graphic materials, video, audio, and presentations. Video and audio clips may be enhanced using textual descriptions.

Handling the courses:

After having completed the course, the employee passes tests. In the course of testing, whether the answer to a question was correct/incorrect is immediately displayed. After the test is completed, the number of correct answers and the total number of questions are displayed. In his/her personal area, the employee can view the statistics of passing all tests.

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