Optimum DMS helped increase sales of Grundfos pumping equipment in Russia


Grundfos, the world's largest manufacturer of pumping equipment, has implemented a dealer network management system in Russia.

The automated system used in the company for monitoring and replenishing product balances at the warehouses of regional partners is based on a software solution developed on the Optimum Platform by the CDC Group.

Immediately after the launch of the system, a 5% increase in sales was noted. This was facilitated by the replenishment of the assortment in dealer warehouses with positions that were previously presented on them in fragments, and some partners did not have any at all.

In addition to optimization and control of the assortment, the system analyzes the statistics of regional sales, and due to this, the waiting time for the ordered equipment is significantly reduced.

According to E.V. Kaluzhskikh, Regional Director of Grundfos LLC, thanks to the high-quality implementation of the OPTIMUM DMS system, Grundfos has gained tangible competitive advantages in the sale of equipment in Russia. Over the 4 years of the system's operation, the number of warehouses increased to 94 from Moscow to Vladivostok, warehouses in Belarus and Kazakhstan were connected, which made it possible to significantly increase regional sales even in remote areas.

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