CDC presented a new version of the cloud service for monitoring the delivery of perishable goods

CDC presented a new version of the cloud service for monitoring the delivery of perishable goods

CDC Group has released a new version of the cloud service, developed to improve the safety of perishable goods on intracity and especially on long-distance transportation.

The new solution designed on the Optimum Platform, and integrates software for satellite transport control and industrial equipment monitoring.

In real time, the service not only monitors the movement of the car according to the GLONASS / GSM tracker data, but also quickly reacts to changes in the set threshold values of sensors for measuring temperature, humidity, door opening and others in the refrigerator.

The system monitors the route of the vehicle according to the data of the GLONASS / GSM tracker (or the mobile device of the driver-forwarder), and can also register unscheduled stops, the fact of open doors during loading / unloading, fuel draining, data from the CAN bus and other configurable parameters.

The sensors signal a malfunction of the refrigerator to the cloud service and to the forwarding driver when he uses a mobile application, so that the dispatcher of the transport company can quickly make a decision about reloading the goods to another car or delivery to another nearest point.

Alexey Goryachev, CEO of CDC Group says, “The integration of monitoring systems for transport and industrial equipment allows carriers to quickly and inexpensively connect to the cloud service and control the quality of transportation of dairy products, veterinary drugs and other goods with special storage conditions. Our solution provides the transport company with accurate information when, in what place and for what reason the temperature regime was violated. When the delivery process is controlled by multiple parameters, it will be easier for a company to prove innocence when issuing fines from a retailer for product spoilage. ”

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