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Home Credit Bank

Home Credit B.V. is an international non-bank financial institution founded in 1997 in the Czech Republic and headquartered in Netherlands. The company operates in 9 countries and focuses on installment lending primarily to people with little or no credit history. As of 30 June 2020 the Group has cumulatively served over 135.4 million customers. Implementation of a route planning system for business development managers throughout Russia.

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Home Credit Bank: In cooperating with the CDC Group, you trust your project to the professionals possessing immense expertise in IT industry

Home Credit Bank is a leader on Russia’s financial retail market. The Bank is included in TOP-5 in loans, private deposits, and the size of the affiliate network (rating of ‘Kommersant-Den’gi’ magazine, RBC rating, statistics of the ‘Expert’ rating agency, and statistics of the National Rating Agency) and is a winner of many awards in banking industry and many adjacent areas.

During 11 years of operations on the financial market the number of the bank’s unique depositors exceeded half million and. in 2013, the bank opened its 1000th office.

Home Credit Bank operates about 100,000 points of sale in 2,000 locations all over Russia. The bank employs about 600 mobile business development managers. The bank is constantly developing and implements new technologies offering to its clients reliable systems for protection of deposits and convenient services.

In the second half of 2013 Home Credit Bank made a decision to boost efficiency of operations of business development managers. In relation to this, it was decided to implement the Sales Performance Management (SPM) system. The system developed on the Oracle Siebel platform includes a CRM and an operations planning system. One of the main tasks was to automate planning of mobile personnel routes using data on visits obtained from the bank’s corporate information system. Therefore, as early as on the first stage of implementing SPM a third-party system for planning routes was launched. However, the very first days of its operations clearly showed that the products failed to fulfill the bank’s requirements, namely, the performance of the system for calculating routes all over Russia was insufficient and the cost of additional processing of the required detailing of maps was too high. In relation to this, the bank’s top management decided to abandon using that program and to conduct bidding to select a new solution that would be able to plan routes on the entire territory of Russia.

In the bidding, major Russian and foreign software developers specializing in automation of mobile personnel operations took part. The CDC Group won that tender.

The choice was, however, obvious. CDC possesses many-year expertise of operations on the market of automating mobile business processes, successfully implemented projects in banking industry, and is highly assessed by the largest companies in different business areas that operate the OPTIMUM GIS solution for planning routes of mobile agents.

A significant advantage in selecting the routing solution was CDC’s partnership with ZAO ‘Navicom’. The electronic maps offered by ‘Navicom’ comply by 99.7% with the bank’s requirements regarding detailing of the maps of the cities with population over 100,000. At the same time, the optimal price/quality ratio was provided.

During three months, the Optimum GIS system ('Routing ++' module) was implemented in В Home Credit Bank.

The bank’s business processes use the planning timeframe equal to four weeks and it was important to maintain this method in generating routes. In the OPTIMUM routing system, the following processes are implemented:

  • each night, from 11 p. m to 2 a. m, using the data of visits routes are adjusted for next seven calendar days;
  • each Friday, also using the received data on visits, the route is adjusted for next 4 weeks meaning that the route is adjusted for next 3 weeks and new routes are generated for the fourth week or, if strategy changes, the routes for next 4 weeks are fully re-designed.

Also CDC Group specialists have enhanced the route generation system with consideration for specific features of the bank’s operations. Accounting of business development managers’ vacations and national holidays was implemented. For example, if a visit generated by the Sales Performance Management (SPM) corporate system is scheduled for a national holiday or an agent’s vacation, the Optimum routing module assigns to the visit a special attribute: Out of route. In the process of logging system operations such visits are transmitted with an indication of the reason because of which this attribute was assigned: Day-off, Vacation, Outside sales outlet’s operation hours, Outside business development managers’ operation hours.

During the project the CDC Group performed as a reliable partner. The company’s highly skilled employees rapidly and professionally performed the task in a reliable and considerate way. Owing to OPTIMUM GIS the bank has now the most powerful tool that allows it to optimize operations of business development managers through efficient management of their activities. Owing to reduction in costs and increase in payoff from visited outlets, the efficiency of the company’s operations as a whole has increased and its growth was boosted indicating that the choice of the solution was fully justified in business terms. It provides an unquestionable advantage with respect to other players on banking services marketplace.

Based on successful experience of joint operations we recommend the CDC Group (Corporate Development Center) to everyone who is interested in optimizing and boosting efficiency of operations of the company’s mobile personnel. In cooperating with the CDC Group, you trust your project to the professionals possessing immense expertise in IT industry.

We are confident that in the future we will many times cooperate with the CDC Group both for extending the scale of the current project and to implement new ideas in optimizing other business processes in our company.

Denis Muravyov

Deputy director, software development department, Home Credit Bank

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