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Hilti: We managed to optimize routes and, in this way, reduce costs while boosting the overall efficiency of delivery

Hilti offers state-of-the-art technologies for global construction industry. The company is proud of the quality and innovative features of its products and high standards of services offered at the company’s service centers. We are committed to building trustful relations with our customers and, therefore, it is of importance for us that the delivery of our tools also features the highest standards.

The solution for automating transport logistics was selected based on the results of a tender conducted in late 2015. The functional capacities of the OPTIMUM GIS system that consists of the ‘Delivery’ and ‘Monitoring’ modules and the Shipping Agent mobile application offered by CDC fulfilled our requirements in the most comprehensive way. In Russia, Hilti does not have a logistics service of its own and therefore uses partners’ services. One of the goals of the automation project was to put some processes related to management and distribution of shipments and receptions to service repair and monitoring of cargo flows under the company’s control.

By May 2016, the delivery service that covers clients in Moscow and the Moscow region was automated. Drivers were equipped with tablet PCs with CDC software installed. Owing to that we can now fully control the process of delivery through developing routes for drivers and monitoring movement of vehicles. As a result, we managed to optimize routes and, in this way, reduce costs while enhancing efficiency of delivery; obtain detailed reports on drivers’ operations in real time; identify unauthorized use of vehicles, and, if required, to adjust routes in an operative way. Also, the following functionalities were added: SMS notification of clients about changes in the scheduled time of delivery and generation of reports as itinerary sheets using the templates adopted in the company.

In implementing the project, we encountered with minor technical limitations that we have successfully overcome with the support from CDC. For example, when the project started we could not deploy software on a server of our own and, therefore, used the server hosting service offered by CDC. Also, in the process of implementing the project, it was found out that the geographical maps initially selected for using in the project do not comply with specified requirements. By that time, CDC had been offering on the market a cartographic service of its own on the basis of Open Street Map and we were the first commercial users of that product.

We are satisfied with our joint work with CDC.

A. I. Kushnir
Head of transport and customs operations Hilti Distribution Ltd

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