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KNAUF: Visits of sales representatives are now more productive owing to skillful planning

KNAUF Insulation is a division of the KNAUF international group, the world’s leading manufacturer of construction and finishing materials. Beginning 2007, KNAUF Insulation offers Russian consumers innovative and safe noise and thermal insulation materials.

In 2011, based on the results of a tender, KNAUF Insulation made a decision to implement in entire Russia the IT solutions for SFA that were developed by the CDC group of companies on the basis of the OPTIMUM technology platform: SFA-class information system Mobile Trade, geoinformation system OPTIMUM GIS (the Monitoring of Sales Representatives module), and data analysis tool OPTIMUM OLAP. Implementation of the project started in January 2012 after a pilot project had been successfully completed and as early as 4 months later 70 mobile agents were automated.

The main goal of the project was to boost efficiency of sales representatives owing to reduction in the time needed to input information on each sales outlet into an information system. Given that each mobile agent visits daily (depending on the region) 7 to 15 customers, automation was a priority area in boosting the company’s competitiveness on the market.

KNAUF Insulation’s requirements were met by the base versions of CDC solutions with minor enhancements: the client’s card and other documents were adjusted in accordance with the specific requirements of the company and functionality for making picture to be inputted into reports was added.

The mobile solutions were integrated with the existing information system by joint efforts of CDC specialists and developers of the Update.CRM CRM system. As a result, a universal data exchange module was developed. The functionality of the system is maintained by the cloud service provided by CDC. Samsung Galaxy Tab tablets were chosen as mobile devices to be used by employees. Data are transmitted via wireless 3G / 4G and Wi-Fi communication lines.

Owing to implementation of the system, the company optimized a bunch of processes directly related to the efficiency of mobile agents. A list of main results includes:

  1. a unified database was created for collecting and storing order-related information and for marketing and merchandising at the customers’ outlets;
  2. a satellite system was deployed to monitor mobile agents and account work time in performing routes;
  3. the time needed to transmit data about sales outlets’ orders is reduced;
  4. errors no longer occur in transmitting order-related data;
  5. time required for generating reports is reduced.

Based on the project results, top managers of departments can now capture and control the number of visits to sales outlets.

The visits themselves are now more productive owing to skillful planning. Also, the work of employees is now assessed using specific indicators obtained as a result of analyzing system data so that the staff is now more motivated.

In the entire project, CDC performed as a reliable and competent partner showing an individual approach to the customer and its needs. KNAUF Insulation highly assesses cooperation with CDC and recommends it as a developer of high-quality mobile solutions.

Stanislav Shangin,
Head Operational efficiency department

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