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Armyansky Konyak: We are Grateful to CDC Group’s Specialists for the Unique and Multifunctional Product

Armyansky Konyak has been operating on the Russian market of alcohol products since 1993 initially as a general presentation office of ArArAt, a Yerevan-based brandy producing plant, and, since 1998, after ArArAt was incorporated in the Pernod Ricard group (France), as Pernod Ricard’s leading distributor in Russia.

Having specialized in distribution of premium alcohol for more than 20 years, OOO Armyansky Konyak has gained reputation on the market as a reliable and trustworthy company that offers to business partners competitive prices, a guaranteed product range, tried and tested procedures, and high standards of service that the company considers to be one of its main competitive advantages. Being a dynamically growing business, OOO Armyansky Konyak endeavors to boost efficiency of its employees; in relation to this, in late 2013, a decision was made to automate the sales team operating in Moscow (35 persons).

The OPTIMUM ASUMT system developed on the basis of the OPTIMUM technology platform allowed OOO Armyansky Konyak to automate pre-selling and merchandising.

The solution was provided by the Russia-based CDC group of companies that has been developing and implementing projects on automation of business processes of any size for more than 20 years. The selection of the product was guided by the functional features of the product, the contractor’s flexible approach to implementation methods, and pricing.

As partner in implementing the OPTIMUM solution, ZAO Kompyuternye Tekhonologii has been involved. The company, which is a certified dealer of the developer, has vast experience in implementing such projects. An aspect that was of importance for us is that the customer has expertise in integrating OPTIMUM with BEST, the corporate information system that is specific of the Russian market.

The sales representatives of OOO Armyansky Konyak who rapidly mastered the new system say that handling OPTIMUM ASUMT is very user-friendly: generation of orders and the process of sales now require much less time owing to which the number of visited sales outlets may be increased and reporting involves much less errors.

We are grateful to CDC Group’s specialists for the unique and multifunctional product, ZAO Kompyuternye Tekhonologii for high-quality implementation, and Aleksey Pormanchuk (CDC’s key account manager) for his expertise and efficient support in organizing interaction, integration, and start of productive operations of the solution. We assess the result of implementing OPTIMUM ASUMT as positive and intend to expand the solution by installing the OPTIMUM GIS Monitoring that will allow our company to boost efficiency of sales team through supervision of their location and compliance with established routes.

R. G. Saakyan,
OOO Armyansky Konyak

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