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Miratorg: We Highly Assess the Role of the CDC Group of Companies in Optimization of Sales

The Miratorg agroindustrial holding is Russia’s largest meat market operator that maintains the complete production cycle from the field to the shop and distributes its products all over Russia via major retail chains and own supermarkets.

One of the main concepts of Miratorg’s operations is to use state-of-the-art technologies in all areas of the holding’s business. To boost the efficiency of the sales system and current operations, in 2007, the holding’s top management made a decision to automate operations of sales representatives and merchandizers. The information and engineering solutions were provided by the Russia-based CDC group of companies that implemented software/hardware appliances OPTIMUM ASUMT and OPTIMUM GIS. Those products were integrated with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system by Miratorg’s IT department.

In 2014, the automation project experienced significant changes: the software of the mobile trade and satellite monitoring was deeply upgraded, outdated communicators were replaced with Samsung tablets, and Mobile Supervisor, a new solution from the CDC group of companies, was implemented.

In the process of automation, all of the holding’s sales representatives and merchandisers have been equipped with tablets with Optimum software installed that they use to collect orders for products and information about display on shop shelves and other information required for sales and marketing. Information is sent to the Moscow-based head office via cellular communications channels and Wi-Fi public access points. Supervisors can now monitor in ‘the fields’ their employees and, if required, perform their job. This option is maintained by the OPTIMUM Supervisor mobile application

Implementation of the OPTIMUM IT solutions enables our company to extend the time for processing orders, implement effective mechanisms to control availability of goods and POS materials, and automate supervision of sales team operations on routes and sales outlets.

The Miratorg holding highly assesses the role of the CDC group of companies in optimization of the sales systems; we plan to extend it to new teams when new branches open and distributions develops.

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