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LUKOIL: The ‘OPTIMUM Supervisor’ Mobile Application to be the Main Tool in Day-to-Day Business of Regional Managers of LLK International

LLK International is a leader on the Russian market of lubricants. Established as a 100% subsidiary of LUKOIL, the company for 15 years has been producing lubricants and distributing them via a dealership chain.

In 2011, automation began of the sales representatives of the dealers that sell lubricant oils at wholesale and retail shops, gas stations, and car markets. During the first year, a pilot project covering the sites of four dealers was performed. The works were conducted by the specialists of CDC Group and partners and IT specialists of LLK International. They integrated the CDC solutions on the OPTIMUM platform with different accounting systems installed at the dealers including 1C, versions 7 and 8, Papyrus, BEST-4+, and proprietary accounting systems. The problems related to obtaining different types of data from different accounting systems were resolved very professionally by CDC’s specialists.

The solutions OPTIMUM ASUMT and OPTIMUM GIS Monitoring allowed us to immediately attain the goals set for the project. Therefore, in 2012 and 2013, the system for automation of sales representatives was implemented at other dealers. At the end of Q2 2015, the total number of automated sales representatives was 300; this number is the total mobile personnel of 50 dealer companies. The implementation processes is now continuing.

In the dealership chain of ООО LLK International, the following business processes have been automated: pre-selling, merchandising, GPS monitoring of mobile agents, and remote supervision of sales agent teams. The sales representatives are equipped with tablets that they use to conduct pre-selling, record data on distribution and product stocks, and perform accounting of other indicators. To send dealer reports to the head office, the data replication technology is applied that ensures secured authorized data exchange via communication lines of different quality (including 9.6 kbps dialup networks). Using such efficient tools for management of relations with dealers as OPTIMUM ASUMT (an SFA system) and OPTIMUM GIS (a Geoinformation system), top managers of OOO LLK International continuously monitor compliance of dealers’ operations with standards, collect updated information on warehouse stocks and comprehensive sales report on a daily basis, supervise motivation and awarding bonuses to employees, and monitor progress in actions (both dealer and client ones). In the nearest future, OOO LLK International plans to start operating the OPTIMUM Supervisor mobile application. It will be the main instrument for daily operations of regional managers who supervise activities of the mobile agents of the dealers subordinate to those managers. The implementation of the OPTIMUM solutions has significantly improved interaction between ООО LLK International and the dealers having made the process of distribution of lubricants under the LUKOIL brand transparent to the maximum possible extent.

Also, the OPTIMUM ASUMT and OPTIMUM GIS Monitoring solutions helped the company to increase exposure of the LUKOIL brand engine oils at sales outlets.

ООО LLK International highly appreciates CDC’s brief response to requests and high standards of performing the jobs. The OPTIMUM system helped us streamline and make simpler control of dealer operations and unify the standards of product exposure at sales outlets. We are now confident that the scheme of our territorially distributed sales has been well tested and is running smoothly.

Ol’ga Malysheva,
Department of sales on the domestic market,
LLK International (LUKOIL Lubricants Co)

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