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Dr. Theiss: Automation of Medical Representatives Boosts Efficiency of Their Operations

Dr. Theiss Naturwaren Rus is the exclusive official distributor of German drug products and healthcare and cosmetic products manufactured by the Dr. Theiss Naturwaren group of companies under the popular brands Dr. Theiss, LACALUT, D’oliva, and Allga San, and Dolgit popular worldwide.

The company distributes the entire portfolio Dr. Theiss Naturwaren products via pharmacies, pharmacy-type retail outlets, and FMCG chains all over Russia. In total, this makes several tens of thousands of stores and pharmacies the distribution in which is ensured by the company’s managers and sales and medical representatives. In 2015, to boost the quality of operations of the company’s employees and enhance supervision of their activities, a number of IT and computer solutions were implemented. They were provided and integrated by CDC (Center for Corporate Development), a Russian group of companies featuring vast expertise in designing mobile solutions.

In implementing mobile solutions, we intended to enhance the quality of serving sales outlets, boost efficiency of field agents, and enhance the standards of supervision of their jobs. The mobile applications from the OPTIMUM product suite provided us with enhanced capabilities to manage the sales process.

Through implementing the mobile solutions we have succeeded in optimizing the company’s business processes and using human resources in a more rational way.

The territorial and regional managers can now optimize field-agent operations applying a large list of variables, set tasks, control their fulfillment on the basis of timely received reports, and analyze efficiency of each employee.

We have all the reasons to conclude that by automating operations of medical representatives we boosted efficiency of their operations; we will keep automating other field departments and, to this end, we will invite again our reliable partner, the CDC group of companies!

N. V. Pikulevar
CEO, Dr. Theiss Naturwaren Rus

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