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Santa Impex Brest: Top Managers Can at Any Moment Obtain Comprehensive Information about the State of Affairs in [Belarus] Regions on the Basis of Sales Reports

Established in 1993, the joint Belarus-German venture OOO Santa Impex Brest is the Republic of Belarus’ largest distributor of foodstuffs. The company mainly focuses on export/import of fish and sea products (where it operates under the following trademarks: Santa Bremor, Russkoe More, Matias, YUKKI, Soletto, Babushka Anya, and Zhivi Zdorovo), wholesale and retail in public catering, shipping services, and restaurants.

In 2010, top managers of Santa Impex Brest decided to automate operations of sales representatives. In addition to creating and approving at sales outlets requests for deliveries of products, field agents also collected data on availability/absence of our products, competitors’ activities, and, in essence, performed the jobs of merchandizers. It was of importance that the new automation program to be included into our 1C ecosystem would be able to account and process data coming from pre-selling, merchandising, and satellite monitoring. A year later, after in-depth three-lateral negotiations with CDC Group (Center for Corporate Development, a Russia-based software developer), and ChP GorInfoService, the company that implements mobile solutions in Belarus, the OPTIMUM ASUMT SFA system has been selected.

For the employees (50 sales representatives and 6 supervisors) smartphones were purchased on which ChP GorInfoService installed the applications that make the mobile part of OPTIMUM ASUMT. The system maintains handling assortment matrixes, control of accounts receivable, collection of information on availability of products at sales outlets, and pre-defined scenarios of sales representatives’ operations. Also, information from GPS satellites is used to monitor location of field agents and account the time they spend at sales outlets.

The importance of the project for us is that it enables our company to consolidate the data received from sales representatives’ smartphones from all over Belarus. The OPTIMUM ASUMT system deployed at 6 affiliates uses the technology of replication for Brest-based head office. Owing to this, top managers of Santa Impex Brest can at any time obtain comprehensive information about the state of affairs in the regions on the basis of sales reports. Those data are of utmost importance for rapid decision making.

The plans for the future assume individual configuring of the system in what regards coloring of products groups displayed on the screen and their subsequent sorting to make operating with larger products ranges more user-friendly for sales representatives.

We are satisfied with the results of implementing the OPTIMUM and see great prospects for its further usage. We are also grateful to ChP GorInfoService’s team that rapidly and in a responsible way resolved all the issues that occurred both in the process of implementing and operating the system. It is due to active interaction between highly professional CDC’s and ChP GorInfoService’s specialists that we have gained such a high-quality tool for our work.

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