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Simple: OPTIMUM Helped Us Enhance Efficiency and Boost Deliveries

The Simple group of companies is a leading player on the Russian marketplace and one of the major importers /distributors of brand wine, strong alcohol drinks, and soft beverages. Owing to sustainable relations with key businesses in all sales channels and smoothly running logistics chains, the company’s products are available in more than 80 Russian cities from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. Using its own resources, Simple delivers products in Moscow and St. Petersburg serving both businesses (restaurants and numerous sales outlets) and private persons, connoisseurs of the wines from the best producers that the company delivers to Russia.

In 2012, in view of the constantly growing daily amount of requests and to satisfy needs of all our clients and partners, we decided to make an agreement with the CDC group of companies to optimize operations of the fleet of vehicles and automate the processes relating to the delivery of Simple’s products.

At the first stage, implementation of the OPTIMUM GIS ‘Delivery’ solution enabled us to automate the process of planning delivery routes in Moscow. Already after a few months of operations, the efficiency of the project became obvious: as of today, over 80% of routes are generated automatically using the list of addresses stored in the order database and generation of itineraries is a matter of minutes. In this way, through generating optimal routes we slash transportation costs and can process a larger number of orders.

In addition, the solution allows us to control location of vehicles during a day thus excluding misusage of vehicles and working time by the driver/shipping agent.

At the second stage, the Shipping agent mobile solution was implemented; it displays on the tablet screen information about the planned route, delivery points, and delivery invoices and allows the user to monitor the state of the delivery and other indicators of visit to the outlet (time and exact site of the visit, duration of visit to the outlet, results of the visit, etc.)

An immense advantage is that all the solutions provided by the CDC group of companies operate on the basis of the unified platform OPTIMUM thus enabling usage of a single database. Owing to this, the routes generated using the OPTIMUM ‘Delivery’ module are automatically uploaded to the mobile devices of drivers/shipping agents.

After completion of the Moscow project, delivery processes were automated also in St. Petersburg where both solutions, Delivery and Shipping agent, were implemented in parallel.

Today it is difficult even to imagine that some time ago several hours were spent daily to manually generate delivery routes. Now the OPTIMUM system enables specialists in logistics to virtually instantaneously make minor changes to a route that has pre-generated by the system. Since all data are stored in the unified database of the corporate information system, heads of departments can supervise operations of mobile agents generating corresponding reports on the basis of specific indicators. The OPTIMUM solutions helped us to enhance efficiency and boost deliveries while reducing the labor resources involved in performing certain jobs.

We are grateful to specialists of the CDC group of companies for the professionally done job. We are happy that in 2012 we chose this company since its unique solutions on the basis of the unified OPTIMUM platform enable us to easily expand the project to other regions.

We intend to keep cooperating with the CDC group of companies and work together on new projects. CDC is our steadfast partner on our way to development.

D. V. Sadakov,
CIO, Simple

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