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STADA CIS: Once Again We have Seen that CDC is a Steadfast Business Partner on which We Can Always Rely

STADA CIS is a Russian pharmaceutical holding, part of the STADA AG international group of companies. The history of our cooperation with the CDC group of companies began as early as in 2005 when it was decided to automate operations of mobile employees of NIZHFARM (NIZHFARM was incorporated in STADA CIS in 2008).

Cooperation of NIZHFARM with CDC began in 2005 with successful testing of the OPTIMUM SFA system in the Moscow region. In early 2006, a decision was made to include PDAs and communications into operations of the company’s representatives in the Ural region, Siberia, Volga-Vyatka region, South, Central Russia, and St. Petersburg. Currently over 90 employees of the company successfully use PDAs in their day-to-day work.

The OPTIMUM system enabled us to optimize inputting information into the database, reduce the time spent for maintaining and transmitting reporting information, fully exclude paper media from the process of inputting and storing information, perform daily planning, and record data on current expenses. It is now possible to automatically input data about a visit in a graphical form (photo), to store in mobile devices and use information about earlier visits and, no less important, to discipline employees in what regards timely record and transmission of information.

During last several years, NIZHFARM’S fleet of mobile devices has significantly increased. In 2014, we found that software is to be used that standardizes operated mobile software and data and allows one to maintain remote control and supervision of such devices.

SAP Afaria was chosen since this product fulfills our requirements for such a system to the maximum possible extent. SAP and CDC having been for a long time partners and us being their clients with a positive experience of interaction was a factor that made us confident in the best results of implementation.

The project started in June 2014. The main goals that we pursued were:

  • to streamline the total fleet of the company’s mobile devices to a unified interface of management;
  • to implement remote control of device settings (restrictions on usage of some device components such as camera or wireless connection) and to set unified parameters of security on devices;
  • to enable installing service programs on mobile devices in remote mode and deleting, also in remote mode, data from the devices (group or selected individual control of devices) and to automatically configure built-in or third-party mail clients;
  • to implement centralized distribution of files to all mobile devices or a selected group of the devices;
  • to set up a system for automatic collection of information about the content and characteristics of hardware/software and, if required, location of each mobile device.

As early as in late 2014, SAP Afaria was fully deployed on the NIZHFARM’S devices that the company operates in Russia. The first several months of operations allowed us to conclude that the decision to implement such a system was correct since now we can not only control devices in a centralized way and deliver to them all required applications and information but also ensure higher standards of security in handling corporate documents and data. We can proudly say that the effectivity and efficiency of the employees than provide IT support to the users have been boosted.

We are grateful to all employees of the СDC group of companies who, together with us, were working in this project for several months being fully involved in the job and very attentive to our requirements and requests. Once again we have seen that CDC is a steadfast business partner on which we can always rely. High professional skills of the specialists combined with fast tempo of work and individual approach – these are the features that are of importance for as and for which we highly assess and respect CDC’s team.

D. V. Budylin
Information Department

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