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Aeroflot: CDC’s Solution Allows Us to Boost Quality of Serving Aircraft

Aeroflot, the leader of the Russian air transport services market and one of the major players in CIS countries and Eastern Europe, was established in 1923.

As part of the program for innovative development of JSC ‘Aeroflot – Russian Airlines’ for the years 2011 through 2020, we are cooperating with major Russian IT companies. In this way, to optimize ground aviation infrastructure, in late 2012, we completed implementing an automated system for production operation control and data exchange. This hardware / software facility developed by the CDC group enables the operation units’ dispatchers to efficiently manage ramp personnel and ground equipment in Sheremetyevo airport.

Ramp agents serving aircraft reported about the progress in performing tasks using portable radio sets; as a result the allocated radio frequency band was often overloaded.

The System developed by CDC enables dispatchers to:

  • send tasks to ramp agents’ mobile terminals in a remote way;
  • receive reports on performing tasks or occurring problems;
  • monitor location and motion of agents on the ramp;
  • efficiently use working time.

After the System go-live, the tasks related to serving aircraft are sent via cellular networks; a unique technology has been developed that allows the airport infrastructure to be rapidly managed and information transferred from Aeroflot’s personnel management system to ramp personnel’s mobile terminals despite not infrequent failures of 3G network operations (in the future, the System will be switched to 4G LTE). Owing to the implemented project, the timestamps of fulfillment of the aircraft service reference model, location coordinates and workload of agents, etc. are sent from the mobile terminals to the personnel management systems for making decisions.

After a pilot production period, the System was enhanced to ensure more rapid control of the production process for serving aircraft and improve interaction with the airline’s personnel management system.

After a month of operating the system the following conclusions may be drawn:

  1. The System allows one to control the production process of serving aircraft on a step-by-step basis and to capture and display location of an agent on a Sheremetyevo airport map in the process of performing his/her job. This option enables the company to efficiently analyze agent operations and identify reasons for deviations from the reference model.
  2. Data on production processes of serving aircraft are delivered to the production system in a reliable and timely way owing to which the correct time of executing operations may be controlled. The time the data need to pass to from the production system to PDA and from PDA to the production system is less than 1 minute.
  3. The load on some radio channels used by operation units on the airport Sheremetyevo ramp diminished (by no less than 25%). This allowed us to slash the time of waiting for a radio channel to transfer information on serving aircraft.
  4. Updated information on loading instruction report (LIR) is now available on a mobile terminal on the site of executing works without employing additional communications means. Before, to provide this information to an agent, it had to be printed out on a paper carrier at a Sheremetyevo terminal thus increasing the operation duration.

In our opinion, implementation of the solution provided by CDC to ‘Aeroflot – Russian Airlines’ was substantiated from the business perspective. It enables the airline to boost quality of serving aircraft, slash mileage passed and idle time of equipment, and distribute tasks to the ramp personnel in a more efficient way.’

Kirill Bogdanov,
Aeroflot CIO

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