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MARR RUSSIA: The OPTIMUM system showed its best and MARR RUSSIA made a decision to continue cooperation with the CDC group

MARR RUSSIA is a leader in supplies of products for catering business. Today MARR not only distributes but also produces and supplies half-finished meat products to restaurants. The company offers over 1,800 foodstuff items including meat, poultry, fish, seafood, grocery, dairy products and cheeses, different salad oils, fruits and vegetables, confectionary and bakery products, etc.

The company’s top management decided to increase sales volumes also be expanding the covered market territory. A way to fulfill this goal was to implement a SFA system.

The system implementation project encompassed the entire sales management process. CDC was selected as an integrator and a software supplier since it has a successful experience of major implementations, enjoys high reputation on the SFA product market, and can offer required functionalities for different platforms, including Windows Mobile and Android.

After the pilot project was rapidly integrated and successfully completed we were able to verify that the system meets our requirements.

Having implemented OPTIMUM SFA we succeeded in:

  • expanding coverage of marketplace territory and, in this way, increasing revenues;
  • speeding up generation of documents in the corporate accounting system;
  • reducing the number of human errors (by excluding errors of operators receiving orders by phone);
  • decreasing the workload on operators receiving orders by phone.

We have no doubts that the system will help us fulfill the goal set by the company’s top management and the professional support from CDC will enable us to operate OPTIMUM SFA is a more efficient way.

The project was implemented jointly by both parties to the project. In total, about 40 workstations for sales representatives were automated. They now collect orders for delivery of foodstuffs to restaurants and send them to the centralized information system. The ordered products are shipped and delivered from the corresponding affiliate.

The OPTIMUM system showed its best and MARR RUSSIA made a decision to continue cooperation with the CDC group.

D. V. Veselov,

The OPTIMUM SFA implementation project reference

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