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CDC group of companies gains 17 places in the ranking of Russia’s major IT companies

The CDC group of companies now ranks 66th in ‘Ranking TAdviser100: Russia’s Major IT Companies in 2017’, the annual rating published by independent analytical agency TAdviser.

The rating is developed on the basis of data on revenues. In 2016, the revenues of the CDC corporate group increased by more than 50% as compared to 2015. The increase was driven by introducing at the market new products intended for SFA, planning of cargo delivery, and automation of maintenance and repair of equipment.

‘Last year the CDC group completed a large number of large-scale projects and, in addition, introduced at the market a number of new products that were highly assessed by our clients,’ says Hussein Az-zari, president of the CDC corporate group.

The list of CDC’s most important new products includes new versions of the Platform for development of mobile solutions (OPTIMUM technology platform), a system for management of delivery and vehicles (OPTIMUM GIS ‘Delivery’), and new products: OPTIMUM BESTSHOP and OPTIMUM Mobile Sales Register, a hardware/software facility that enables businesses to rapidly equip sales workplaces with online sales registers in compliance with the new requirements of the law ‘On Usage of Sales Registers …’ (54-FZ).

In total, the ranking shows an insignificant growth of the market. ‘The flywheel of digital economy only starts spinning in Russia meaning that the potential for growth for IT companies is stronger than ever before,’ says Aleksandr Levashov, editor-in-chief of TAdviser.

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