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CDC presents SFA solutions at L’Oreal conference

The CDC group of companies presented at the partner conference organized by France-based L’Oreal the solutions on the basis of the OPTIMUM corporate mobile platform that enable boosting staff’s efficiency.

The conference was attended by representatives of more than 50 major FMCG companies that distribute L’Oreal products in Russia. As part of the event, participants discussed results of 2016, set plans for 2017, and presented the best practices that aim at boosting efficiency of operations of distributor companies. The CDC solutions on the basis of the OPTIMUM corporate mobile platform, which allow businesses to boost efficiency of distributor operations in a tough economic environment, attracted attention of all participants of the conference.

Aleksey Goryachev, deputy managing director of the CDC corporate group, presented the following instruments for streamlining efficient business processes of distributors:

  • OPTIMUM Mobile Sales Register is a mobile application that enables the company to organize operations of cashiers in full compliance with changes to Federal law 54-FZ ‘On Usage of Sales Registers ….’ that require submitting electronic receipts to tax authorities.
  • OPTIMUM BestShop is a solution for mutually beneficial interaction of distributors and sales outlets. It enables the company to conduct pre-selling and merchandising at sales outlets through involvement of salespersons, reduce labor input to performing routine jobs, and stimulate sales of a broader range of products promoted by distributors.
  • OPTIMUM GIS is a tool for optimizing delivery of products to sales outlets with consideration for any parameters that are of importance for the distributor (class of sales outlet, interval for visits, delivery time slots, self-cost of the route, selection of the most profitable route, etc.) and for monitoring location of vehicles displayed on a city map.

Aleksey Goryachev considered some real-life examples to show how efficiently business tasks may be solved using the products based on the OPTIMUM platform and quoted specific data on the reduction in costs as a result of implementing those products. For example, using OPTIMUM GIS enables the company to reduce the distributor’s delivery costs by 30-40 % and the time needed for planning and manual adjustment of routes by 70 %. The high efficiency ensured by implementing mobile solutions for automating business processes was confirmed by L’Oreal’s official distributors that used as examples their own successful cases.

Owing to very intensive agenda of the conference, L’Oreal’s partners were able to discuss the most interesting cases and the best tools for boosting efficiency in retail. At the exhibition conducted as part of the conference, CDC and other companies including Yandex and e.Queo presented state-of-the-art technologies in action to participants of the event.

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