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OPTIMUM recognized the best platform-based mobile solution on the Russian market

The CDC group of companies took part in an open scientific and practical workshop on corporate mobility held at Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation.

The event attracted leading Russian developers of mobile solutions for business and major consumers of corporate mobile technologies. The organizers of the workshop presented a model of maturity of the Russian market’s corporate mobility and an analysis of the most popular platforms for developing mobile solutions for the B2B segment. Based on the results of the analysis OPTIMUM technology platform (D/MEAP) was recognized the best for the Russian market.

The workshop on ‘Mobile Solutions for Enterprises: Efficiency, Control, and Security’ was organized by the Center for Research of Corporate Mobility (TsiKM) of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation with support from Interregional Public Association ‘Soyuz IT Direktorov Rossii’ (MROO SoDIT). CDC specialists and their colleagues from Financial University, Research and Test Institute of Comprehensive Security Systems (NII SOKB), InfoTeKS, 1С, Samsung, BACCA SOFT, MobilityLab (AiTi group of companies), Tizen Center, ‘Galaktika’ corporation et al. delivered reports and participated in topical discussions devoted to mobile security, platforms for mobile development, and management of corporate mobility.

As part of the event, TsIKM presented results of a survey of corporate mobility in Russia and proposed a model of the maturity of corporate mobility of their own. This is the first attempt of Russian researchers to carry out a comprehensive analysis of the level of development of mobile technologies in Russia and the restrictions that hinder more active usage of those technologies in business environment. The model of the maturity of the Russian market is needed for forecasting future trends and areas of development; for this reason, to discuss the model, market experts, leading developers of corporate mobile solutions, CIOs of major companies, and leaders in different business areas were invited.

Also, TsIKM experts analyzed popular Russian and foreign platforms for mobile developments MADP/MEAP to assess how they conform to the needs of the participants of the Russian market. The research was based on 44 criteria including technological perfection, efficiency of integration, security, and degree of the adaptation of the platform to the Russian market. Based on the results of the research, the OPTIMUM technology platform developed by CDC was recognized the best for Russian users owing to its maturity and technological perfection, affordable price, and wide distribution on the Russian market.

Lively expert discussions resulted in a conclusion that, in spite of a significant potential of Russian mobile solutions, the Russian market is insufficiently unaware about their capacities so that the efforts of all stakeholders are to be combined to promote Russian development on domestic and foreign markets.

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