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The CDC group of companies offers software solution for mobile online sales registers

The CDC group developed OPTIMUM Mobile Sales Register, a software product that provides extended functionality for user-friendly operations with online sales registers as required by law No. 54-FZ ‘On Usage of Sales Registers for Performing Cash and/or Electronic Payments.’

Client-server solution OPTIMUM Mobile Sales Register is intended for issuing receipts for buyers directly at the point of sale and efficient interaction of business with fiscal data operators (FDOs). It operates in conjunction with mobile online sales registers, check-out terminals equipped with fiscal recorders, wireless communication units, and receipt printers.

The mobile application allows the user to perform the full set of operations required for posting payments including generation and editing of receipts (add or remove products, change their prices and amounts, view product catalogs). The option to edit receipts is especially convenient for couriers of Internet shops since it process to be very useful in situations when the client refuses from some of the products ordered or recollects at the moment of payment about his/her discount card. Using the OPTIMUM Mobile Sales Register application, the courier can rapidly make changes to the receipt.

The Web-based application is intended for managing account records of a sales organization (individual entrepreneur) and settings of sales registers, rights of sales persons/cashiers, and viewing data on products and issued receipts.

OPTIMUM Mobile Sales Register enables the user to rapidly and correctly synchronize his/her mobile device with any data source including uploading product catalogs and sending data about sales (receipts). The solution is integrated with popular information and trading systems (including 1С and OPTIMUM ASUMT SFA) and with Excel electronic broadsheets, MS SQL DBMS, and text files. Owing to this, OPTIMUM Mobile Sales Register may be used by Internet shops, delivery services, trade companies, service businesses, and individual entrepreneurs.

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