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OPTIMUM ASUMT, an SFA system, included in the list of best Russian software products published by PC Magazine

OPTIMUM ASUMT (SFA), a solution for automating sales representatives and merchandisers, is included in the review Russian Software 2016: Innovations and Accomplishments published by PC Magazine/Russian Edition that annually represents the most interesting, innovative or non-standard developments of Russian IT companies.

The review stresses that the SFA system developed by the CDC corporate group remains one of the best solutions and is superior to similar products created both in Russia and abroad.’ The magazine notes the following distinctive features of OPTIMUM ASUMT: automatic support of sales outlets’ databases using deduplication technology (the system reconciles the database data to the data contained in a federal information system and identifies mismatches in records; for example, mismatches in the addresses and names of sales outlets), automatic reconciliation of planograms through recognition of photos of shelves with products, and maintenance of offline mode.

The review is published in the December 2016 issue of PC Magazine/RE.

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