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MegaFon implemented an SFA system in all Russian regions

MegaFon, a Russian telecommunication company, started commercial operations of an FFM (Field Force Management) system developed on the basis of the OPTIMUM ASUMT solution.

The pilot launch of the FFM system occurred in a number of Russian regions: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Khabarovsk and Krasnodar territories, and in the Samara, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod, and Sverdlovsk regions. The system enables the user to generate and monitor routes for merchandisers, rapidly collect marketing information from sales outlets, and control in remote mode applications and data on mobile devices.

The solution developed by CDC specialists meedts all of the customer’s requirements and features the stability level sufficient for deploying the system within a short timeframe in all the regions served by MegaFon.

Prior to the launch of the FFM system, preparatory activities were performed by CDC specialists: business processes and specific features of operations were surveyed, a requirements specification for the project developed, a mechanism for downloading data from /uploading data to the corporate information system implemented, configuring performed, the OPTIMUM solution deployed on MegaFon server, and smartphones set up and employees registered and trained in all cities that were included in the project.

In fall 2016, the system for managing operations or merchandisers and mobile supervisors started operating in all of Russian regions.

The cooperation between CDC and PAO ‘MegaFon’ started in 2007 when, in some affiliates of the mobile communications operator, OPTIMUM, an SFA system, was implemented and MegaFon’s sales representatives started using Windows Mobile communicators. In 2015, the project was re-launched and deployed in all affiliates: the fleet of mobile devices was upgraded (employees switched to Android ASUS devices) and new solutions developed by CDC on the basis of the OPTIMUM technology platform were implemented.

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