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OPTIMUM MMS automates maintenance and repair of engineering systems

SmartPro Group automated operations of service engineers who maintain and repair engineering networks, systems, and communications.

For more than a decade SmartPro Group has been designing and installing engineering systems for apartment houses, structures, and buildings. The company provides service maintenance of all of those objects including central heating, water supply and sewage, power supply, access control and management, video monitoring, fire alarm systems, etc. SmartPro Group is proud of the professional skills of its employees and proven methodologies it uses; the company is continuously monitoring market trends and implements state-of-the-art technologies to offer the highest quality of services to its customers.

In July 2016, CDC deployed in SmartPro Group the OPTIMUM MMS (Mobile Monitoring and Services, Field Service Automation) system that automated planning of inspections of engineering networks and registration and distributions of requests for unscheduled repairs or installation of new equipment.

The service dispatcher working in 24 / 7 / 365 mode receives requests from clients by phone (e-mail) and inputs them into the system that automatically assigns engineers for performing the jobs applying certain parameters (required qualification, expertise, location, etc.).

Service engineers run the OPTIMUM mobile application in ASUS ZenPhone 5 smartphones via which they obtain remote access to required information: address, type of engineering system, assumed malfunction, and guidelines for resolving the problem. OPTIMUM MMS controls operations of engineers in different ways including capture of the start and end time of the task, photo reporting, customer’s electronic signature, and GPS monitoring.

Cooperation between CDC and SmartPro Group continues on ongoing basis: the partners plan to develop a mobile application for clients that will enable them to make requests for maintenance and installation of equipment, make payments for the works performed, record their comments, and exchange messages with other users and the company’s top management.

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