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Avalontorg: Field Services Automation Completed within 3 Months

Avalontorg, a Belarus-based distributor of food products in Retail and HoReCa segments, has implemented a system that automates operations of engineers in charge of installation, inspection, and repair of equipment at bars and restaurants.

OPTIMUM Mobile Monitoring and Services (Field Service Automation System), the product offered by the CDC group of companies, administers fulfillment of requests for maintenance of facilities (plans the requests and distributes them among engineers) and maintains accounting of consumables (spare parts and tools).

Implementation of the OPTIMUM MMS system started in March 2016 and was successfully completed on the 1st of June. The process that was performed by CDC specialists in remote mode consisted of several stages: assistance in integration of the solution with the 1С system, setup of server and mobile parts, and training of Avalontorg employees in operations with the new product.

The automation affected activities of the technicians who perform inspection of beer-distribution equipment (taps, beer towers, pressure regulators, hoses, etc.) and repair and installation of that equipment. By means of the OPTIMUM MMS system the company’s engineers send reports on their activities (Accepted for handling; Job completed, etc.) using photos, and the company’s management can monitor movement of personnel using GPS monitoring.

In addition to OPTIMUM MMS, Avalontorg used OPTIMUM ASUMT, an SFA system, to automate operations of 100 sales representatives involved in pre-selling and merchandising.

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