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CDC Group is No. 1 in the CNews Rating of Major Developers of Mobile Applications for Business and Governmental Agencies

The CDC group of companies was named the first by CNews portal in the rating of major developers of mobile applications for business and governmental structures for the year 2015.

CNews analysts note that the segment of corporate applications is booming despite stagnation of the IT market. The aggregated revenues of the companies included in the CNewsMobile rating that also takes into account financial indicators of major Russian developers increased in 2015 by 27% and reached 2.65 bln rubles as compared to 2.1 bln rubles in 2014.

The crisis was a kind of ‘watershed’ for major projects with long implementation timeframes in which foreign software had to be used. Says Roman Antoshin, managing director of the CDC group of companies: To ‘reanimate’ such projects, customers started looking for Russian developers in an attempt to find efficient solutions that would not require huge financial investment and long implementation time.

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