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CDC Wins Gold ISV Competence in Microsoft’s New Partner Program

In early November 2010, Microsoft launched its new partner program. CDC fulfilled all the requirements set by the new program and confirmed its Gold Independent Software Vendor (ISV) competence.

The Gold Independent Software Vendor (ISV) status is an indicator that the mobile, geoinformation, and other solutions developed on the OPTIMUM platform are based on state-of-the-art technologies and, as before, this status confirms high skills and professional level of CDC experts in development, implementation, and setup of business-process management solutions using Microsoft technologies.

CDC group - Microsoft Gold Independent Software Vendor (ISV)

Microsoft decided to establish a new partner program since obtaining the Gold Partner status in the previous program was not a challenging task; as a result, with time the number of Gold Partners exceeded the number of Microsoft Certified Partners. However, in the opinion of Microsoft, the quality of services provided by the Gold Partners and their competence were far from ideal.

The new program sets significantly more stringent requirements for the competency of partners. Due to that, currently the number of partners belonging to the Gold competency level is less than 30, while in the previous program the number of the holders of the Gold Certified Partner status was 650!

The partnership between the CDC group and Microsoft has a long history. Annually CDC products take part in international contests of partner solutions conducted by Microsoft and win awards. For example, in 2008, OPTIMUM was selected as the world’s best solution of Microsoft partners in the ‘Mobile Solutions’ category. In 2010, the CDC product was selected as the best in Europe.

Also, CDC announces that the OPTIMUM-based ‘Manager’ Automated Workstation program is fully compatible with the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system. The ‘Manager’ Automated Workstation is an efficient management system that allows managers of different levels to obtain updated information about mobile personnel activities and efficiently supervise their operations.

Microsoft Windows 7 Compatible

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