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SNS Conducts Active Monitoring of Transport Means

In December 2010, the SNS group implemented the ‘Active Monitoring’ software product developed in cooperation with the CDC group (Center for Corporate Developments).

The SNS group is the exclusive distributor in Russia of British American Tobacco (BAT), a global manufacturer of tobacco products, and a distributor of Red Bull, the world leader in production of energy drinks. Beginning 2007, the company operates OPTIMUM, an SFA system, to support direct deliveries of merchandise using a fleet of more than 2,000 vehicles (the van-selling business process).

The fruitful cooperation between the two companies evolved into implementation of the ‘Active Monitoring’ solution developed by CDC experts in accordance with the customer’s requirements and with participation of SNS experts. The monitoring system, which operates on the basis of the OPTIMUM platform using GPS (and/or GLONASS) data, is intended for tracking trailers shipping SNS products to locations in the Russian Federation.

Entire information about motion of the vehicles is sent in real-time to the Moscow-based Delivery Control Center where it is displayed on electronic maps. In case of an emergency situation (unscheduled stop, deviation form the specified route, late arrival to a checkpoint, disappearance of the GPS signal for a time exceeding some configurable limit), an alarm message is displayed on the Dispatcher monitor containing comprehensive information about the route, persons accompanying the vehicle, and the vehicle location.

The Dispatcher workstation operates on the basis of the OPTIMUM WARM solution that provides access to data (‘INGIT’ maps, routes, and GPS monitoring) via the Internet. GlobalSat, personal GPS/GSM trackers, perform as mobile positioning means.

No product similar to the ‘Active Monitoring’ solution is currently available in Russia and worldwide.

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