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OPTIMUM GIS: A Best Program Of 2010

PC Magazine Best Software 2010PC Magazine/RE selected the OPTIMUM GIS geoinformation system as one of the most important, efficient, and innovative developments of 2010.

Traditionally, at the end of the year, PC Magazine/RE, a computer magazine, publishes a review on ‘Russian SW: Innovations & Achievements’ in which it presents the best Russian software products.

The editorial board of PC Magazine/RE earlier selected the CDC products on the OPTIMUM-platform as winners in corresponding market segments in 2008, OPTIMUM MMS (Field Service Automation), and 2005, OPTIMUM ASUMT (Sales Force Automation).

The OPTIMUM GIS geoinformation system is designed for GPS/GLONASS-based monitoring of vehicles and control of consumption of fuel and lubricants, optimization of transport logistics, planning of mobile personnel routes, and supervision of the activities of mobile agents (emergency repair teams, service engineers, sales representatives, agents, merchandisers. etc.). The infiltration of navigation-related technologies into business is not very visible but their effect is immense, concludes PC Magazine/RE.

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