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Sales Force Automation at South Caucasus

BAT (British American Tobacco) has implemented the OPTIMUM SFA automation system in Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia. In these countries operations of all BAT employees performing as merchandisers have been automated.

The solution is based on industrial Motorola MC5574 communicators that feature extra strong casing and comply with the IP54 standard regarding protection against dust and water splashes.

The system is developed on the basis of ‘star’ architecture that allows company employees to connect via the Internet (through a secured connection) to the central server and retrieve information from any location on the globe. The access is provided via the OPTIMUM WARM Web interface in line with state-of-the-art trends in development of current management systems based on WEB technologies.

The project also includes OPTIMUM OLAP, an analytic module that provides information to top managers, which is required to top managers for analysis and decision making, with a breakdown by different.

The product launch of the system was performed during a record-setting time period - two calendar weeks for the three countries - by CDC Group specialists working in collaboration with BAT colleagues.

In the nearest future, BAT plans to automate shortly van selling operations on Caucasus distributors’ sites.

BAT (British American Tobacco) is the world’s second largest manufacture of cigarettes. The company offers such popular brands as Dunhill, Kent, Vogue, Pall Mall, Viceroy, Lucky Strike, Rothmans, Alliance, Yava Zolotaya, and Dallas.

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