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Managing Mobile Trade in Post-Soviet Area

The CDC group of companies made an agreement with SystemGroup, an international company providing a broad variety of services and solutions for automation of business processes in trading, services, industry, banking, logistics, and transport. SystemGroup will represent the system for mobile trade management OPTIMUM in the CIS countries.

SystemGroup has been operating on the market of automation applications since 1994. Thanks to partnership with world leaders in the development of technologies, equipment, and software, SystemGroup has gained vast experience in development, installation, and service support of automation solutions. Currently, SystemGroup performs as a system integrator in Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, and Kazakhstan. SystemGroup has over 10,000 customers ranging from such major international retailers as Billa and to shops in many Ukrainian cities. The mobile trade solutions are in charge of the company’s departments BCS Logistics.

SystemGroup’s main office is located at Maxim Krivonos street, 2, Kyiv, Ukraine. Contact information of BCS Logistics: phone +380 44 490 9253; fax: +380 44 248 8868; e-mail:; Internet:

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